Beavercreek’s new logo meets mixed reactions

The City of Beavercreek, Ohio, has updated its logo. However, the city’s new emblem earned mixed reactions of the residents.
To give the city a new brand, the authorities of Beavercreek have collaborated with design agency Schlegel Creative Resources over three years. While working on the project, the SCR team relied on opinions from social media and community surveys.

The new logo with its outlines looks like a “B” with a stylized depiction of a beaver inside. The blue, green and azure symbolizes the colors of nature. According to Pete Landrum, Beavercreek’s City Manager, the emblem is intended to express the community’s best qualities, showcasing that Beavercreek can provide excellent conditions for living and working. Due to the refreshed typeface, colors and the revamped design of the beaver, the logotype tells the story of the city in a better way.
However, while presented on the city’s Facebook page, the logo provoked a lot of equivocal comments. Apart of some approving opinions, there was also criticism about the new emblem and the City Council’s work as many people said that they were disappointed by the authorities who had uselessly spent time and money for this logo.