Banggood brings changes into its identity

Offering new services, Banggood has lately become a significant competitor for Aliexpress. With flexible discount schemes and a convenient website, this Chinese online retailer is attracting more and more customers. Aiming to express its confident development and grow a recognizable brand, Banggood has carried out an uplifting of its visiual identity.

The changes in Banggood’s new logo can be seen at first sight. The previous emblem’s Banggood lettering was splited into two parts connected with a bowed line that looked like a smile – and that reminded the arrow on the Amazon logo. Having dropped this ambiguous element, the updated logotype features an unbroken lettering in a thinner typeface, including the iconic “gg” in a bit lighter orange color.
Such a design is distinguished with brightness as well as sleek and modern aesthetic. According to Aaron Chen, Banggood’s operations director, the new emblem tells about lightness, youth and multiplicity that fit with the new strategic plan of the retailer.
The revamped logo continues the rebranding initiative launched this August when Banggood presented the new slogan “Good Life Doesn’t Cost a Fortune”. All of that reflects the company’s aspiration to go beyond a simple online retailing paradigm and be a trendsetter of cheerful and manifold lifestyles.