Atlanta Dream Unveils The Team New Logos

Last week the Atlanta Dream revealed the refreshed primary and secondary logos along with the motto and new colour scheme. The event took place at the Gateway Center Arena, where the women basketball team will play home games next WNBA season.

The design of the primary logo is closely connected with the city of Atlanta and reflects its historic heritage. All the elements of the emblem are special for the team and the players are proud of their choice.


The 1st of them is phoenix, that symbolizes Atlanta’s rise up from the ashes of the Civil War. The idea was adopted from the bronze monument situated in the central part of Atlanta. The shooting star points out to the previous name of the team (“Shootings Stars”). And basketball is, certainly, the main attribute of the game.


The logo is the result of creative work of the designer David Tann, from the Atlanta-based Tantrum Agency, done in cooperation with the players. While developing the logo, David Tann constantly consulted the team on the choosing significant details for the new emblems.


The new primary logo will be printed on the team apparel and grace the website the whole next 2020 year.