Ameris Bank changes the brand after merging with Fidelity Bank

Merged with Fidelity Bank in July 2019, Jacksonville-based Ameris Bank has updated its brand. The new-brand logo unites Ameris’ word mark and Fidelity’s lion.

According to Ameris Bank’s official statement, the updated brand has to reflect the bank’s heritage and principles urging the company to make unconventional decisions to provide high-class services for its clients. The new look is a representation in a better way the leading positions taken by the institution as well as the influence in the financial world earned by both banks in the south-eastern states.
Besides the main symbols of Ameris and Fidelity, the rebranded logotype also keeps the traditional color combination of white, blue and red.
As H. Palmer Procter, Ameris’ chief executive officer, said, while improving its image, the bank is celebrating a new milestone on its steadfast way. It’s a good sign of the bank’s ambition to give customers financial confidence of life.
The new Ameris brand is a result of collaboration of both bank divisions with Matchstic, an Atlanta-based design studio, which worked with governmental institutions, non-profit organizations and commercial enterprises including Georgia State University, Rockefeller Group and Coca Cola.