Aliments du Québec: New logo for local food products

Established in 1996, Aliments du Québec is the only trademark that is recognized by the agricultural industry of Quebec. Promoting agri-food products from Quebec is the main goal of the organization. Every package with vegetables grown in the province is stamped with the Aliments du Québec approval mark. Uniting nearly 1200 companies, the organization contributes a lot to development of the local agricultural business.

Intensifying endeavors in its sector, Aliments du Québec has recently unveiled a new logo designed by the Montreal-based studio lg2. According to the lg2 designers, the organization’s old logotype was inappropriate in terms of brand promotion as it didn’t stand out much against abundant information on packaging. Instead, it was proposed a totally new logo that would express the idea of communicating with people and telling them more about Quebec agri-products.
The new logo has got a simple design to fit packaging better with a smaller size giving more space for product information. Formed as a “Q”, it will hopefully be more recognizable, easily saying customers that they are buying production of Quebec. The logo has kept the yellow-and-blue palette from the previous emblem, but thanks to its design, it will look good in a black-and-white version as well.