Afterpay updates its identity

Launched in 2015 in Australia, Afterpay is a company providing a platform for merchants to offer online lay-by, while final customers are allowed to purchase goods in installments. The buy-now-pay-later system and some loyalty programs have made the company the most quickly developing business in its sector. A year and a half after it entered the US market in 2018, Afterpay reported it was cooperating with nearly 6,500 product suppliers, and the number of its customers, using its app, had increased to two millions. To celebrate its growth, the company has recently updated its visual brand.

While Afterpay’s previous logo featured two separate arrow-like triangles in two shades of blue, in the new emblem, they turned black and are united into one continuous loop. This is intended to reflect unbreakable ties between the company’s merchants and customers, as Afterpay’s chief market officer Geoff Seeley said. Another change in the logo is the wordmark. In the old version, it was composed the light-font “After” and bold “pay”. The new variant features consistent sans-serif lowercase letters.
The brand identity also includes a background of mint hue. The color was worked out in association with the color developing company Pantone, and was named Bondi Mint. According to the designers, it has to symbolize transparency, energy, freshness and modernity – the concepts which are attuned to the values of Afterpay customers.