Activision’s Call of Duty League gets a new logo and prize fund

Following the Overwatch League, game publisher Activision announced creating its own esports league based on Call of Duty. Now, the company has unveiled a new brand for it including a name and a logo.
The new league, named simply “The Call of Duty League”, will be organized as a franchise and include twelve teams from different cities of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and France.

The base game version for the competitions planned to begin in 2020 will be Call of Duty: Modern Warefare. The regulations also stipulates 5-vs-5 team battles which will be in the city mode and led on PlayStation 4 only. The prize fund for the first season is more than $6 million that exceeds the prize pool of the 2019 CoD World League (CWL).
Activision’s CoD League will borrow some franchises from CWL. It will also invovle several teams from the Overwatch World League who haven’t played Call of Duty before.
According to Bobby Kotick, Activision’s CEO, the company aims to cooperate with the groups that develop the esports culture by promoting new teams and creating fan communities in their cities.