4 Awesome Car Racing Seat Brands Defined

4 Awesome Car Racing Seat Brands Defined
Fasten your seat belt and get ready to observe top four car seat models reviewed by racers and car specialists! The list has been recently made for those who consider redesigning or reconstructing their racing car.

1. Sparco R100 Aftermarket Racing Seats

Sparco R100 Aftermarket Racing Seats

Sparco is one of the most outstanding brands of racing seats in the car industry. Their R100 dashing seats are by a wide margin the most highly-recommended because of the open to seating position and similarity with most of vehicles.
If you need to lean back the seat to let passengers into the back seats, the R100 seat can be leaned back with tilt switches on either side.

2. MOMO Start

MOMO Start
MOMO is the primary contender to Sparco, and their Start model is a FIA endorsed dashing seat. It utilizes a fiberglass shell that is upholstered in a solid dark velour texture (which is self-extinguishing).
A remarkable component of this dashing seat is the 5 safety belt openings, which enables you to incorporate any safety belt to suit your necessities. In spite of the fact that the MOMO START is definitely more costly than the Sparco R100, it has the additional advantage of being FIA affirmed: feel free to place it in your racing Ferrari or Porsche – it will look awesome.

3. NRG Innovations FRP-301

NRG Innovations FRP-301
Reasonably priced racing seats can be hard to discover from well-established brands. In any case, NRG have an incredible popularity, and the FRP-301 seats are ideal for those who run on a shoe-lace budget. Their racing seats are not FIA endorsed, however, are perfect for occasional track use or even daily driving.

4. OMP RS-PT2 Lightweight Racing Seats

OMP RS-PT2 Lightweight Racing Seats
For those that need a track centered racing seat, the OMP RS-PT2 is the best alternative. It is FIA affirmed with a fiberglass shell bucket style seat and huge shoulder saddle openings that allow for regulating height. The most outstanding component of the RS-PT2 is the high side tha reinforces parallel leg support.