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Naughty America is a porn studio, as well as a porn website, mostly used in the United States. It was opened in 2001 and was from the start a paid-subscription provider. It’s considered one of the classic American platforms of this category, although it’s not used widely outside of North America.

Meaning and History

Naughty America is a truly American pornography platform, where most of the videos are produced by a film studio of the same name. There are some collections on the website, which are more than just familiar to the connoisseurs of the adult-video industry.
Naughty America is very popular not only due to the variety of categories but also for daily updates. So here anyone can find a new video and even watch it in 4K or VR format, which is another peculiarity of the platform.
The website is subscription-based, and you can choose one of the three payment plans available, depending on the period you are planning to enjoy the Naughty America content. The subscription here starts at 1.95 USD for the trial period and goes up to 71.40 USD for one year of unlimited access.

What is Naughty America?
Naughty America is an American pornography studio and online platform, which contains a wide range of video content for adults in different categories. This subscription-based website has most of its users from North America.

As for the visual identity of Naughty America, throughout the years, this website’s logo style stayed consistent in its serif typeface. While the typography may look somewhat old-fashioned, it also creates a unique identity as Naughty America can be one of the very few adult website logos using a serif font in its insignia.

2001 – Today

NaughtyAmerica Logo

The logo of the Naughty America online platform is set in one line and only uses lettering. Although one part, the “America” is set in the letters of a slightly larger size, which adds some uniqueness to the badge, that looks quite simple at the first glance. The elegant serif letters of the inscription are set in two colors — with the “Naughty” in passionate red, and the “America” in blue. In most cases, the wordmark is just set on the white background of the website pages, but sometimes it can be seen in white letters over a black background. Another option for the Naughty America insignia is the enlarged “America” as the central element, with a small yet still readable “Naughty” written above it on the right from the “A”s sharp peak. Sometimes all the letters of the logotype are outlined in thin silver.

Font and color

The Naughty America inscription from the primary logo of the adult-content platform is set in all capitals of a fancy and elegant serif typeface with traditional, and even slightly old-school shapes. The first letters of each word, “N” and “A” are slightly enlarged, which adds a touch of individuality to classic lettering.
As for the color palette of the pornography website’s visual identity, it uses a very patriotic tricolor of the national flag of the United States. Red is used for the first part of the inscription, and a medium shade of blue — for the second. All the background for the lettering on the website is always white. But it is not only about the American heritage, as red here definitely stands for love and passion, while blue emphasised the professional approach of the Naughty America team, and its expertise in the industry.
As for the white of the background, it is a pretty logical choice for not only completing the tricolor or creating a strong contrast with the logotype, but also to make a neutral frame for the videos preview pictures, and putting more accents on them.