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Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company has been known among the country’s largest insurance and financial services companies. The brand’s history officially started in 1926, when the first policy was purchased. Back then, the official name was Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company.

Meaning and history

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Logo history

For most of its history, the Nationwide Insurance logo has included a flying bald eagle and the color blue, in one shade or another.

What is Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
Together with its affiliated companies, Nationwide forms a group of major insurance and financial services companies, one of the most prominent companies in the US. It is headquartered in Columbus, OH, but has local offices in many other states. It was ranked #76 in the 2021 Fortune 500 list.

1926 – 1955

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Logo 1926
For their first logo, they used an image of a black eagle with wings stretched upwards in a perfectly vertical motion. Behind, there’s a big letter ‘N’ written in dark blue. The whole thing is framed using a black oval badge with the full name written in it. Above, there are words ‘Nationwide Mutual’, and below – ‘Fire. Ins. Co.’

1955 – 1998

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Logo 1955

The current name was adopted in 1955, to reflect the company’s aspirations of operating from coast to coast. Over the following decade, it started working in Oregon, which meant that the aim had been achieved. The overall number of states where the brand was introduced reached 32, not to mention the District of Columbia.
The new logo supported the brand’s aspirations. We should bear in mind that the bald eagle is the country’s national bird and that it has been part of the Great Seal of the United States since 1782, where it symbolized at once the Roman Republic (as it was part of the symbolism of the Empire) and America (as it is indigenous to the continent). So, the bird was a great way to conjure the “nationwide” ambitions.
The fact that the eagle is flying only reinforces this message. It symbolizes moving forward, across new territories. Another aspect of the symbol is that it represents the brand’s desire to embrace the future, which is implied by the direction of the head.
The wings spread wide can be interpreted as a symbol of expansion. And also, it connotes protection, which is a crucial message for any insurance company.
While the eagle turns out to be a highly meaningful symbol, it is also generic in the US. To add a unique touch and enhance the recognizability of the Nationwide Insurance logo, the company placed a large blue “N” behind the bird.

1998 – 2014

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Logo 1998

The meaning behind the second Nationwide Insurance logo wasn’t as obvious. The basis of the design was a rectangular blue frame with huge blank space inside.
An obvious interpretation is, again, protection. If this logo could speak, it would say: “You are free to do whatever you want, provided you’re covered by our policy.” In this interpretation, the blank space means your freedom, while the frame stands for protection.
The fact that the brand became more recognizable was reflected in the logo, too. While the previous version included the word “Insurance,” the 1998 logo dropped it.
The lettering “On your side,” which was sometimes used as a tagline, was also symbolically represented by the fact that the name of the company was included in the blue frame.

2014 – present

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company logo

The new Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company logo was inspired by the original 1955 version. The designers truncated it leaving only the “N” and the eagle. The bird was redrawn becoming sleeker. The word “Nationwide” was still there, but it was moved below and was now set in smaller letters.

Colors and font

The older logo introduced in 1955 showcases sky blue. Whatever the real reason behind choosing this color had been, we can say that the fact that it was the color of the sky was great as it supported the eagle emblem. The 2014 version slightly dilutes this similarity, though.
The Nationwide Insurance logo is minimalist enough and hardly needs a unique type to make it stand out. So, the use of this unpretentious font seems fully justified.