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Moutai is the name of the famous Chinese alcoholic beverage, which is being produced by Kweichow Moutai Company, a fully state-owned one. It is difficult to establish the exact date of the beginning of production, but the name “Moutai” was assigned to the drink in 1704 by decree of the Qing dynasty emperor. In 1915 Chinese vodka won a gold medal at an exhibition in San Francisco, and in 1951 it was awarded the title “national alcohol of China”. Throughout its history, Moutai has won more than 20 main prizes in major international competitions, not to mention local events.

Meaning and history

Moutai logo

The brand was the first Chinese alcoholic beverage, whose production exceeded 170 tons of products per year (today this figure reaches 30 thousand tons). Vodka is an indispensable attribute of all official events in China, it is sold in 100 countries and is a tangible source of income for the country, as the producing company Kweichow Moutai Company is owned by the state.

Being one of the oldest liquors known in China (the beverage’s history dates back to the Qing Dynasty), Moutai has its visual identity very bright and patriotic. Executed in a circular shape, the badge is built around the famous red, blue and white tricolor, and has its upper red part embedded with the several white five-pointed stars.

The circle of the Moutai logo is visually divided into three parts — the upper red one with white stars, then a white smooth element separating the red top from the blue bottom, and, finally, the biggest part of the emblem — dark blue plain segment with a shadowed white and blue “Moutai” inscription in all capitals.

Font and color

The uppercase bold sans-serif Moutai logotype, executed in blue and white and set on a blue part of the beverage’s during label, is executed in a clean yet strong modern font, which is very similar to Umbra and its Std Regular version. There is also some resemblance with Gill Sans Nova Shadowed Light, although the lines of some letters should be elongated and modified.

As for the color palette, it is composed of scarlet red, navy-blue, and white. Red is the official color of the Chinese national flag, and it also symbolizes love and warmth, passion and strength. White elements show loyalty, trustworthiness, and dedication, while blue stands for the stability of the brand throughout the years and its professionalism.