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Winx Club is a Nickelodeon animated tv-show, oriented mostly on girls’ audiences, telling about young fairies. The tv-series was launched in 2004 and by today has released over 200 episodes.

Meaning and history

Winx Logo history


Winx Club Logo 2003
The very first Winx logo, created in 2003, was very naive and tender. The bold orange inscription in all capitals of a hand-written serif font was accompanied by a stylized white wing in an orange outline, which was placed on the right part of the letter “X”. The nameplate was complemented by the “Just Fairies!” Tagline in a darker shade of orange and placed on a blue background with various white and blue ornaments. This version of the logo only stayed with the franchise for a few months.

2004 – 2009

Winx Club Logo 2004
The redesign of 2004 brought Winx the logo, which we can still see today, just in a different color palette. It was a stylized flat yet shadowed inscription in a custom cursive with its slanted letters connected to each other and underlined, with the “Club” in the uppercase of a bold and extended sans-serif typeface set under the horizontal line. The whole logotype was enclosed between two diagonally located arched lines, and decorated by pink elements and sparkles. The “X” was stylized as a butterfly, or fairy wings.

2011 – 2019

The Winx Club’s visual identity is based on fairytales and dreams. It looks light and friendly, executed in a pink color palette, which shows the brand’s focus on girls’ audience.

The Winx Club logo is composed of a wordmark, which is enclosed in the orbit-like ellipse frame. The inscription uses two different styles for two words.

The “Winx” in a smooth cursive is made three-dimensional and its glossy surface makes it look like it is written with the lacquer. The letter “X” has its bars like petals and uses a light blue color for additional accents.

The “Club” part is located under the horizontal line, which separates two words. It is executed in all capitals of the sans-serif typeface and features a flat 2D design and a lighter shade of pink.

The frame of the wordmark repeats the color and wolf me of the “Winx” lettering and makes the logo complete and balanced.

Usually placed on a colorful pink and white background, but it looks bright and rec-ognizable on all the possible surfaces — starting with the packaging of the toy and finishing with branded t-shirts and keychains.