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The New York Jets is an American professional football team, whose history started in the late 1950s. Today, the team resides in the New York metropolitan area.

Meaning and history

New York Jets Logo history


New York Jets Logo 1963

The firs Jets logo was introduced in 1963. It had a shape of a green airplane with ‘Jets’ written on it in white caps.

1964 — 1966

New York Jets Logo 1964

The next version was introduced in 1964 and was in use until 1966. This logo turned out to be the ancestor of the team’s today’s logo. It was a green outline of a football with ‘Jets’ written in green letters on the foreground, ‘NY’ written in green outlines on the background, and a small football at the bottom.

1967 — 1977

New York Jets Logo 1967

The next one was introduced in 1967 and was in use until 1977. It was a white-to-green inversion of its predecessor.

1978 — 1997

New York Jets Logo 1978

In 1978, a new design was accepted: it was utterly different from the previous ones and much more simplistic. It was a ‘Jets’ wordmark with a wing-like figure above.

1998 — 2018

New York Jets Logo 1998

The NY Jets logo, which was accepted in 1998, is a modified version of the 1966 version. Unlike its ancestor, it is oval-shaped, not football-shaped. Thee design was chosen by Bill Parcells, who was the team coach at the moment. All these logos were designed to express the team’s jet power, with which it moves ahead towards new victories.

2019 — Today

New York Jets logo

The current Jets logo has a little more elegant and streamlined appearance. It still features the club’s name and the small football at the bottom. The football’s appearance has changed.


Jets Emblem

Jets Symbol


The ‘NY’ and ‘Jet’ wordmarks are still there. The former is written in a joined-up fashion; the latter is written in white capitals and in a somewhat slimmer font.


Color of the Jets Logo

The current Jets logo uses a different shade of green: the early Kelly-green background has turned forest-green.