The sphere of technology is highly competitive, and it’s important to stand out from the crowd. This is the reason why IT logos are being developed so carefully and creatively. All of them are as smart and innovative as the companies they represent. Being present on the market, technology companies can boast a rich history, just like their emblems, and if you have questions about some of the famous logotypes, you can finally find answers! Let’s read about popular technology logos, track the history of companies they belong to, and find out how the images were changed and replaced. Some of the facts about enterprises and their emblems will surely surprise you!

Yelp Logo
IT/Technologies logos
The Yelp corporation hasn’t experimented much with its logo so far. The original design, which was introduced around the company …
Zillow Logo
IT/Technologies logos
Zillow Group is known for its online real estate database providing useful information about more than 100 million homes across …
ZTE Logo
IT/Technologies logos
Like many Chinese companies working internationally, ZTE has a logo comprising the wordmark in both English and Chinese. Meaning and …