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IKnowThatGirl is an American porn website, created in the 2000s. It’s a generalized provider with thousands of videos, although they give preference in a harsher variety of genres. This name is often used by adult films with similar inclination, although there isn’t really a system to it all.

Meaning and History

The company is active since at least 2009. The playful and vivid colors make the logo of the porn website IKnowThatGirl eye-catching, bright, and youthful. There’s something of candy in the way it looks. The irregular, unpredictably shaped letters only add up to this impression.

2009 – today

IKnowThatGirl Logo

The lettering on the IKnowThatGirl logo is given in three colors: white (with a light grey gradient), vivid light blue and bright yellow. The background is candy pink. The only pictorial element, apart from the letters themselves, is a small thin arrow placed below the word “That.”