I Love New York Logo

I Love New York is a symbol of the New York City and one of the most identifiable touristic logos in the world. It was drawn by Milton Glaser in 1976 and the original painting is now held in MoMa in Manhattan.

Meaning and history

It is a legendary and one of the most noticeable logos ever, and it is not a visual identity of a brand, it is an insignia of the city, the dedication to the megapolis, its citizens and guests. The I Love NY logo is being used for touristic promotion of the city since 1977.

The I Love New York logo is built in two levels. The letter “I” and an eye-catching red heart, substituting the word “Love” are placed above the letters “NY”, standing for New York.

The all-caps letters of the wordmark are executed in a bold typeface, which is called American Typewriter. It is a strong and confident font with distinct, slightly softened and rounded lines.
The traditional black, red and white color palette of the logo reflects power, energy and warmth, and makes the logo look bright and stylish, wherever it is placed on: from fashion garments to printables and advertising.

The I Love NY logo is an iconic and timeless emblem of one of the most influential and fashionable cities in the world.