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HQPorner is an international porn site, operating from the Netherlands. It’s just a basic platform with a variety of films, although it’s poorer and less fleshed-out than big names, such as Pornhub. There’s no really a shtick to it, it’s just a different experience from other providers.

Meaning and History

The website was started in 2013 from the Netherlands. The company behind it is registered on the Bahamas, which doesn’t inspire faith. However, they were, through trial and testing, acknowledged by many to be a legitimate, reliable provider of adult videos and similar content.

2013 – today

HQPorner Logo

From the typographical point of view, the HQPorner logo is pretty generic. It also doesn’t include pictorial elements that could have enlivened the design and made it more distinctive. And yet, the fresh and bright shade of pink brings about some life and character to the logo. Also, the choice of pink is rather successful regarding its symbolic meaning as the color of love and romance.