How to Draw Superman Logo

Well, let’s draw a Superman logo. Take a graphite pencil, eraser, color pens, pencils or ink-pens.

Step 1

First, draw a ‘horny’ angle (see the photo). It must be slightly sharp. Connect the ends of the ‘horns’, and here is the basis. Draw two lines across the drawing – vertical and horizontal – to get the upper/lower and left/right parts. These lines are going to be reference marks.

draw Superman logo

Step 2

Outline the inside edge of the base in a semitransparent color pen and sketch the ‘S’ mark, which we are going to use as a basis.

draw Superman logo

Step 3

Next comes a more challenging part of it. Draw the upper curve of the letter. It should be rounded. If your first attempt fails, use the eraser and try again. To make the whole thing look neat, avoid bold lines, because they are harder to correct.

draw Superman logo

Step 4

Then draw the lower part of the letter. The line must be as rounded as in the upper part. Take your time!

draw Superman logo

Step 5

Draw all remaining details and correct the letter. Smooth out the lines and erase all unnecessary stuff.

draw Superman logo

Step 6

Now, outline the drawing with a black ink-pen, liner or a thick-tip pen. Do not ink all the lines – there must be several gaps just like those you can see on the photo

draw Superman logo

Step 7

Once you have outlined all contours, erase all remaining pencil lines and color the Superman logo using ink pens, pencils or pens.

How to draw Superman logo

Here is our Superman logo!

Even if it does not work the first time, it’ ok! Try again several times, and you’ll make it without even having to draw extra lines!

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