How to Design a Quick Affordable Logo for Your Business

How to Design a Quick Affordable Logo for Your Business

Your company logo helps promote your business to customers. As it’s one of the most important ways to promote your small business, it should be professionally designed. A good logo is the foundation of a powerful marketing plan.

Logo design is definitely costly for owners of small businesses given the high fees of some professional graphic designers. In fact, well-known professional logo designers are almost always out of the reach of even mid-sized companies. If you’re looking for an affordable logo design, here are quick, free and affordable ways to do so.

The Best Affordable and Free Logo Makers

These days, there’s a wide array of logo design tools online. Some are more efficient than others; some charge a minimal fee for downloads, edits, etc.; and others are free of charge.

When you consider these choices, you’ll find that it’s more convenient, much easier, and cheaper to design a logo with a logo maker. In fact, it might very well produce better results than hiring a professional logo designer.

Design Evo

This logo maker offers both a low-cost and free logo design tool. Just choose one design from over 10,00 templates, personalize it with your colors, font, etc., and save the file.

Unlike other logo creators, it’s free to download your design. But you’ll have to credit Design Evo and the resolution will be low. For just $24.99, you can alternatively download a high resolution image that you can customize more easily. For 49.99, you’ll download a high resolution image along with vector files as well as copyright ownership.

LogoMyWay Logo Maker

With the LogoMyWay logo design tool, you can create a logo just the way you imagined. Each logo design is made by the site’s best logo creators and is totally customizable. All you have to do is change the colors, fonts, text, and size to fit your business. You’ll get full commercial rights to use your new logo.

What really sets LogoMyWay apart is the high quality logos to select from. You can view the logos and edit them for free without having to signup. If you want to use the logo and receive the logo files you will need to pay a fee. Check out LogoMyWay and I’m sure you will be very pleased with the logos you can buy.

Wix Logo Maker

Wix helps business owners create their own websites for free, and also helps them design logos too. Wix Logo Maker creates a logo after you type in some information, like your company name, brand colors, fonts, and purpose. You can then edit and personalize the logo to your liking.

You can register a free Wix account and download a low resolution image for free. To download a high resolution image, you must pay a fee that starts at $12.99 and goes up based on your needs.

Canva Logo Maker


Apart from helping non-designers make shareable images, Canva also helps business owners make free logos. You can select from pre-built models and tweak them to your taste, make use of its artificial intelligence design tool, or simply create a logo from scratch using the elements provided.

You can register a free Canva account, create a high resolution image, and then download it for free. But you’ll need to pay up if you wish to use certain design elements or images. They’re available for as little as one dollar each.

Logo Maker

While you can use Logo Maker for free, it’ll cost you to download your logo design. You can pick one from its 10,000 designs and tailor it to your business. Once you register your account, you can create and save countless logos. But if you need to download your logo to put it on other mediums like business cards, you should buy its high resolution version in JPEG, GIF, PNG, or EPS for $39.95.


Logojoy makes it look like you’re working with an actual designer but without spending so much time reviewing the design. It comes with a great learning AI that steers you through the design process until you get the perfect logo design. It’s free of charge, but you’ll need to pay around $20 to download the finished logo.


Enter your blog or business name and instantly receive dozens of logo templates. You can easily tweak the font, alter the colors, and drag and drop the design elements around.

One big plus about Placeit is that it also provides you with social media designs for everything, including YouTube end cards and Instagram Stories. And you’ll receive mockups for branded stuff like hoodies, t-shirts, and coffee mugs.


Looka makes use of artificial intelligence to help business owners design a logo. You’re not required to sign up initially; just type in your business name and then pick some logo styles, symbols, and colors that you like.

Looka will then create a logo you can customize to your liking. But you’ll be required to open an account to customize your logo. To download your logo, you must pay anywhere from $20 to $80 based on your needs.

Logo Ease

This is another logo design tool that you can download online for free. If you’re looking to create your logo with Logo Ease, you’ll get high resolution files with no strings attached.

While the images and art are restricted, you can still design some beautiful, professional logos despite the limited resources. Furthermore, if you think your logo is looking generic, you can tweak it using the handy editing tools on Logo Ease.



With Logaster, you only need to enter your industry and company name and it generates tens of logo choices for you. While they may not appear as professional as those of Logojoy and Canva, there are plenty of options available to you if you’re looking for something basic.

You can download a small logo for free, but you must pay a small fee to download a high resolution version.

Free Logo Services

Free Logo Services helps small and medium-sized businesses design and create professional-looking logos.

The site offers tons of illustration options and attractive fonts, but you need to know that customization is rather restricted. You won’t have the leeway to move text or images about and you’d be restricted in terms of altering colors and font sizes. To get a high resolution design, you must pay a small fee.


This is a more advanced choice than all of the above logo makers, but you don’t require graphic design skills to use it. You can use it online or download the software program to your computer.

Although it might take some time for you to get the hang of Vectr software, it provides so much more flexibility compared to other logo makers.

Logo Type Maker

Logo Type Maker boasts over 1,000 professional templates, more than 600,000 vector shapes, and more than 200 fonts to make your design process easy if you’re an amateur designer. It features vector-based SVG downloads as well as unrestricted editing so can you alter your fonts and colors as you please.

Under the free version, you can create a non-customizable professional logo. Unlike other free online logo makers, you can export your logo design as a PNG or JPG file in 300DPI. A one-time $24.99 or $39.99 fee delivers more logo options and features.


Your quest for affordable logo creation may also involve hiring freelancers. There are many freelance logo designers who don’t mind creating logos at a low cost.

Many of them have graphic design skills and aim to build up their portfolios. This means that some of them are willing to work for low frees without sacrificing quality as they hope to impress clients and get more tasks.