How to Cope With an Assignment on Describing a Logo’s Meaning

Assignments on descriptive writing could be challenging for students with no experience, especially when they need to explain their understanding of a logo. A logo is a design that helps create the face of many big corporations of today. Basically, an assignment on describing the meaning of a logo has the same research method as a rhetorical analysis.

Get to know the logo’s history

Every logo has its story. There is always an excellent background in the creative process; therefore, we could never see the symbol of how it was at the moment the company was born. Basic knowledge of a logo’s history will help you to understand the meaning of what customers see today and save you from yelling around the class, “please, do my assignment on a logo’s meaning!” For example, the emblem of Liverpool’s football club had over eight stages of redesigns:

liverpool fc

Each new re-branding has its own purpose for transformation. In any case, it doesn’t affect the fans’ love.

Find the rhetorical device in the image

As any brief creative text may include a rhetorical device, the logo has its structure as well. Considering the logo is advertising without text (or less of it), it can visually tell an important story. As an example, you can have a closer look at Hyundai’s logo. Mostly, people think this is an image of just the letter “H” in a cursive font. Actually, the two parallel vertical lines are men who shake hands in agreement, which signs the horizontal line in the middle.

Hyundai’s logo secret

Analyze the colors

Color selection is an essential step in logo-making. The color palette should reflect the mood and tell the purpose of the company you’re buying a product from. For example, there is no coincidence McDonald’s and Coca-Cola choose yellow and red colors relatively for their brands. Let’s have a look at McDonald’s first:

logo mcdonalds

The yellow letter “M” is reminiscent of french fries, which makes anyone who looks at this emblem feel hungry even when they are not. Yellow is also a color of joy and happiness, which reminds us of sunny summer days and an associate visit to a restaurant as a call back to childhood.
And, Coca-Cola is more passionate with its red:

logo coca-cola

Red is the color of strong feelings, which makes the consumer think they are tasting the emotions associated with the drink. Coca-Cola’s logo has also passed decades of transformations. In any case, the image of handwriting reminds anyone of only happy moments even if the drink itself is not too healthy for various groups of consumers.

Learn the abbreviations

One particular brand of kids’ toys, L.O.L. Surprise, has gained enormous popularity. Children and parents who adore playing the dolls inside the L.O.L. Surprise don’t call them “dolls” anymore, but “lols.” Few people know that L.O.L. stands for Little Outrageous Littles. Also, beyond the boy and girl baby dolls, you can find many pets and accessories in the pack.
With their bright representation and unpacking option, which is a significant element of playing for preschoolers, L.O.L. Surprise became the leading company in the toy market. This is despite their simple emblem logo, by the way.

lol surprise logo

Be curious

While describing the logo’s meaning, pay attention to the originality of the logo. Simply compare the logo with others. If there was no similar logo created before, it is a good sign of its uniqueness. The inspirational sources should be omitted, such as Nike’s wings, the goddess of victory, which inspired Carolyn Davidson to create a logo for a brand of the same name.

Nike symbol

Otherwise, ask yourself, is this copy justified, or is it a simple coincidence? Mention in your essay the importance of the logo’s true originality and how it impacts the brand’s reputation.

Reveal the logo as a reflection of the brand itself

Depict the potential symbols that you see in the logo’s words, colors, or shapes in your essay. It will help you to analyze it as a branding strategy and things that make you think and feel a certain way once you look at the logo. It is also helpful to brainstorm for words, feelings, and images that immediately come to mind when you see the brand logo you selected.
Discuss how the marketers create these feelings and thoughts for consumers in relation to a brand.

The meaning is up to you

A logo’s meaning is not always what others think. The purpose of the assignment is to reveal the personal vision and compare it with the real one. Sometimes, the client can say much more about the logo than the creator.
At least, who knew from Apple Inc. that their logo means not just bitten apple, but the fruit of sin from the Story of the Fall? Anyway, this simple hypothesis concerning today’s addiction to this brand due to its unique easement echoes the story of humanity opening Pandora’s box.
The same concerns your assignment: play with your imagination because a logo, as any product of design, is the mark of artistry.