How Marketing and Imagery Can Impact a Brand

Marketing is a complicated discipline that explores how human psychology and behaviours are affected by words, images, colours, logos and much more. But how does all of this affect the way we perceive companies as a whole and their branding?

Why Do Brands Matter?

You might hear that branding matters, but has anyone ever explained to you exactly why branding does matter? The overarching reason that your brand is crucial for business success is that consumers don’t just buy products and services; they buy into brands as well. For example, people who fly with Emirates Airline don’t just buy a ticket around the world; they buy the feeling of being taken care of while rolling their suitcase around the airport. Good branding provides consumers with another reason to choose you.

The Relationship Between Marketing and Brand

If marketing matters and your brand matters, what is the relationship between the two? You might think of marketing as a way to highlight your products and services, which is undoubtedly true. But marketing is also a way to highlight your brand. It can be used to sell reasons why buyers should choose your company just as much as reasons why they should choose your products.

This is especially effective when lots of businesses are selling the same or similar products and need to provide a reason to choose you over competitors. Some industries are known for selling the same products from prominent manufacturers and need a USP to set them out from the crowd.

The online casino industry is one example where casinos must battle it out with a trusted and respected brand to win memberships. Casino brands that have heavily advertised on television and sports, an example being Party Casino, who have proven that continued marketing and exposure can bring traffic and profits to a business over time.

How Colours Impact Your Brand

The images and visuals used in campaigns can be useful when wanting to portray the right branding. Different colours are known to instil various emotions in us. For example, marketing psychology suggests that colours like blue will make us trust the company more. Have you ever noticed how many technology and social media companies incorporate the colour blue into their branding? Just look at the Facebook logo, Intel or Twitter. This isn’t by accident and part of ensuring their brand gives the right impression.

Marketing Tone and Branding

The tone of your marketing materials will also impact how your company branding is perceived. Everything from slogans to website content and social media posts will be judged by the language used. Most companies want a professional and friendly tone to their content.

At the same time, it is increasingly popular to use comic marketing language that is a bit sarcastic and funny, making brands sound like a person you would invite around to a party. Poking fun at other businesses and new stories is one way that brands achieve this.