How Good is the UltraPlay New Logo?

UltraPlay logo

UltraPlay has recently unveiled its new logo, the first major move in the process of enhancing the overall brand identity. As the company reached its 10 year anniversary in 2020, it was time for a new look and a new fresh face for emerging markets.

So, what does the logo look like? How has it been received? What does this branding decision mean for the future of the company? Let’s see just how good the new UltraPlay logo is for its corporate and consumer image.

What is UltraPlay?

Founded in 2010, UltraPlay: Advanced Betting Solutions is a technology company that provides a simple and easy-to-use platform for online betting operators and third-party providers worldwide.

The company’s core mission is to bring betting into the 21st century, with advanced options and turnkey solutions, specializing in eSports, sports betting, casino, live betting and bitcoin.

An experienced team of iGaming professionals, UltraPlay has been a pioneer in various sectors of the industry. Their expertise in technology, marketing, odds, cryptocurrency, betting product development, and operations has made them a leading name in the betting world.

UltraPlay’s new brand identity

UltraPlay: Advanced Betting Solutions recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2020 and just unveiled a new logo in the first step towards creating a new brand identity for the iGaming platform provider.
UltraPlay logo

After 10 years in the business, UltraPlay has decided to give itself a bit of a facelift for the new decade. UltraPlay CEO, Mario Ovcharov, had this to say, “We intended to create something exciting that stands out when casino operators are looking to launch new brands into new markets.”

Lyubomira Petrova, UltraPlay’s chief marketing officer also weighed in on the company’s newest updates. She said, “When it comes to brand identity, it’s this cornerstone of every company that sets the tone of who we are,” and later went on to say that the next decade’s goals were the “main idea when deciding to enhance our logo – to highlight our upwards direction and present our aim for the continuation of the excellence we bring to the iGaming industry.”

Introducing a new logo is just the first phase of the company’s rebranding initiative. The logo rollout will be followed by the release of a new corporate website. The redesigned website was designed with the latest UX/UI (User-Experience Design, User-Interface Design) with easy navigation and a dynamic exhibition of the company’s offerings.

The logo

The new logo features a nearly-complete, horizontal infinity symbol graphic with the same blue gradient colour palette as the text of the logo. The company name, UltraPlay, is in futuristic-looking, lowercase lettering and the phrase, “advanced betting solutions” has been added in black underneath for a starker contrast.

Above the text and graphics are a series of five spotlights shining onto the visual, making it look like the start of the show or something exciting to see. Below the visuals is a round platform that looks similar to an Alexa console, but that also could be recognised as a betting table, a small stage, or even a virtual service desk.

UltraPlay’s logo colour scheme

UltraPlay emblem

The colour scheme of the logo is not new, as the blue palette was utilized before in previous iterations of the company’s branding. This blue spectrum is widely regarded in marketing psychology of colour to instil trust, loyalty, respectability, and calm in consumers who encounter it. This is why so many medical industries use a blue logo in their corporate designs.

The importance of branding

It is fascinating to learn how logo imagery impacts a brand from colour and graphics to the relationship between marketing and branding. The way imagery affects consumers can make or break a sale, a relationship, or even a first impression.

Marketing the brand

A brand is summed up in a logo, a careful combination of colour, imagery, fonts, and graphics that help customers identify with a company. The logo is one of the first ways that users or consumers interact with a brand and Marketing is not only about selling products and services, but it is also about highlighting your brand in the marketplace and differentiating your brand from others in your industry. Effectively marketing your brand to consumers is the best way to achieve brand-loyal customers, giving them a reason to not only choose your products over similar ones but to choose your brand as well.

New branding for future innovation

Companies know that it’s a good idea to innovate, even when it comes to branding and media presence. This idea is even more true for companies in the technology sector.

UltraPlay’s new logo design and improved website have really made a splash in the iGaming world and related industries. The exciting spotlights, the colours of trust, the phrase explaining its purpose and mission have all come together to form an exciting new brand identity for the company in the next decade to come.