Here are some effective tips for creating the perfect logo

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We love logos on this site, which is why there’s a comprehensive selection of logos for you to check out from the world of music, sport, fashion and a whole host of other industries. There’s plenty!

Logos are everywhere. Whether it’s a big brand or an individual promoting a personal website, a logo certainly goes a long way. A badly designed, poorly executed logo can make an impact too, but obviously in a negative way. Logos are, on the whole, hugely memorable though. When people think of brands, they picture the logo representing that brand. When you think of Britain’s Got Talent, you picture the ‘BGT’ logo which has played its part in enabling the brand to grow massively, with BGT games based on the Britain’s Got Talent reality show coming to the fore as a result. Likewise, when we picture a soccer team or a big sports brand, the company logo immediately springs to mind. Logos essentially have a massive impact on us, the consumers. They form a huge part of a brand’s identity.

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Logo design can make or break a business, which is why it’s so vitally important to create the perfect logo for your brand. So, with that in mind, here’s a look at some effective ways you can create the best logo for your business.

Know your brand

It’s impossible to create an effective logo without knowing the brand behind it. Research your target audience, what they might be into, assess the brand’s ideology and what it wants to achieve moving forward, and consider picking the best elements for that brand’s logo accordingly. For example, if it’s a children’s brand, you aren’t wanting to create anything too bold and scary as that will potentially put parents and children off.

Create a lasting impression

A memorable logo – for all the right reasons – goes an incredibly long way. A quick glance at your logo should be enough to leave it lodged in people’s minds. The last thing you want to do is create a logo that is unoriginal, hard to read, or simply dull and boring. Once customers have a good impression of the design, they’re more likely to form a relationship with the brand.

Plan your colours

The use of colour in a logo is massively understated. The colours you use can help determine a brand’s message and the type of tone they are wanting to put across. For example, if red is used heavily in a design, it tends to represent feelings of aggression, passion and energy.

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Likewise, using the colour yellow can evoke different emotions. Essentially, you want to grab the attention of potential clients or customers, while also staying true to your brand’s identity and personality.

Choose the right font

There’s a vast array of fonts to choose from which is why selecting the ideal one for your brand can be tough. The fact is, though, it’s something you need to spend time on. The perfect font can help create the perfect brand. Typefaces convey the personality of a business. For example, if you’re a beer brand with a logo consisting of a childish, kid-friendly font, it might not quite match up.


Make sure the logo is scalable

A hugely important thing to remember when creating a logo is to make sure that it appears correctly in a range of different formats, be it on social media, an advertising hoarding, a website and so on. Make sure the logo is visible, doesn’t look stretched, or the colours come through on different platforms. Also, make sure the logo looks good colourless too.