Green Bay Packers Logo


Green Bay Logo

Although the Green Bay logo has undergone a few modifications, it has always preserved a football as one of its core elements. The original emblem had the football at the background, while the current one uses its shape as the logo outline.

Meaning and history Green Bay Logo

green bay packers logo history

In spite of the fact that the Green Bay Packers were created in 1921, they actually got their first official logotype only in 1951, following Curly Lambeau’s exit in 1949. It featured the word “Packers” in dark green with an orange football at the background. On either side of the emblem, goal posts of the same color could be seen.

1956-1980 Green Bay symbol

green bay packers emblem

The 1956 version depicted a quarterback in a throwing stance. Behind him, the map of the team’s home state, Wisconsin, was positioned. There was a star next to the place where Green Bay is located. All these were placed inside a gold football.

Five years later, the club went through rebranding and received its iconic “G” logotype. The white letter was placed in a green oval symbolizing a football. The authors of the emblem were equipment manager Gerald Brashier and art student John Gordon.

Current emblem Green Bay

Green Bay Emblem

The latest modification of the Green Bay logo took place in 1980. It was actually just a slight upgrade: a gold outline was added to the forest green oval. This is exactly how the current logotype looks.

Font of the Green Bay Logo

Font Green Bay Logo

The typeface featured in the Green Bay Packers wordmark looks absolutely modern, and yet the insignia was created more than half a century ago, in 1959. The name of the font is NFL Packers. It has been developed specifically for the team and belongs to the Sports Fonts group.

Color of the Green Bay Logo

bay packers logo

The three Packers’ official colors – dark green, gold, and white – are featured in their logotype. The previous version, which was used from 1961 to 1979, included only green and white, while gold appeared in the logo only in 1980.