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GFRevenge is the name of a website with x-rated content. The pornography platform has various categories of photos and videos, which are available for streaming in different packages — the user can choose the subscription suitable for his needs.

Meaning and history

GFRevenge is a website with a large collection of x and r-rated videos, split into different categories, which makes the search easy and fast. The platform with a good interface and weekly updates offers several subscription options, giving access to all the HD content of the website.

What is GFRevenge?
GFRevenge is a pornography online streaming service, which offers a wide range of video content, available by subscription. The website has a conveniently categorized catalog of content, which makes the search easy and fast.

In terms of visual identity, GFRevenge uses a very cool and bold logo, executed in a black, red, and white color palette, and looking like a poster to an old-school movie about New York of the 1950s.

2004 – Today

GFRevenge Logo

The GFRevenge logo was designed in 2004, with the launch of the website. It is a very cinematographic and funny badge, which is instantly recognizable and memorable, so there was no need for any redesigns throughout the years.

It is a horizontally oriented bold Sans-serif inscription set in two levels over a plain black background. The inscription is outlined in thick white, and the red “Revenge” part has a slightly “erased” texture, with white traces all over. As for the upper “GF”, it is written in a modern and sharp sans-serif typeface, with the “G” a bit bigger than “G”.

But the main thing on the GFRevenge badge is the graphical element. The portrait of a man in the suit and tie, drawn in a black-and-white color palette is placed on the right from the “GF”, above the “Revenge”. The man is making an obscure gesture with his hand and laughing.