When it comes to the restaurant and fast food niche, having a tasty logotype is crucial. The brand logo is the first thing that customers see, it’s the face of the company that can tell you a lot: the type of dishes cooked, level of service and even average check. That’s why food and drink logos are created more thoroughly than you might think. Want to know what the famous food logos mean? Why they were chosen to represent a restaurant? If you’re starving for new knowledge, we have a few interesting facts to serve. Let’s observe the most popular logotypes: read about the history of restaurants, find out why artists created this or that image, and what it means for the audience.

Walmart logo
Food/Drink logos
Walmart is a global USA-based network of hypermarkets and discount stores, which has been around since 1962, and so far …
Wendys Logo
Food/Drink logos
Starting from the very first version, the Wendys logo has always featured the face of a red-hairedgirl, after whom the …