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FC Cincinnati is the name of a professional soccer club from the USA, which was established in 2018 in Cincinnati, the third most populous city in Ohio, the state in the northeastern part of the country. The club is owned by Carl Henry Lindner III, a famous American businessman.

Meaning and history

The FC Cincinnati is a surprising phenomenon from all angles. First of all, the very fact that a non-American football club was opened in the second half of the 2010s is already strange. Second, no one would have thought that soccer could be of interest to anyone in Ohio. But more than 20 thousand spectators showed up for the team’s first-ever game. And the fourth game already set an attendance record for the USA soccer leagues of the second division — about 23 thousand spectators. During the season the club constantly improved this record until it stopped at the mark of 30 thousand.

The first “version” of the club was established by Carl Lindner in 2016, but something went wrong, and the project got closed pretty fast. Although Lindner decided to try again, the FC Cincy from 2018 is still alive and blooming.

What is FC Cincinnati?

FC Cincinnati is one of the Major League Soccer members, a professional football club from the USA, which was established in 2018 and is mostly known due to its huge army of fans.

In terms of visual identity, the club hasn’t had enough time for experiments and surprising redesigns, as its first official logo was introduced only in 2019 after FC Cincinnati joined the MLS.

2019 — Today

Cincinnati Logo

The FC Cincinnati logo features a crest in a shape of a pentagon, divided into blue and orange parts by a wide white banner coming diagonally through the logo from the bottom left to the upper right corner. The blue triangle has a bold white “FC” in a custom sans-serif with diagonally cut ends of the letter-lines.

The navy-blue capitalized “Cincinnati” is written in a slightly narrowed sans-serif typeface, following the direction of the banner — from the left bottom part to the right top one.

The orange part of the crest comprised a white image of a winged lion with the sword and in the crown. The heraldic symbol looks pretty modern, as it is surrounded by bold elements with clean strong contours.

The whole crest featured an internal white frame, merged with the white diagonal banner, and outlined in navy-blue, balancing the main wordmark, and making the badge look brighter on any background.