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FaZe Clan is a US eSports gaming clan taking part in such games as Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, and Overwatch.

Meaning and history

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The history of the team started in 2010. Interestingly enough, FaZe became famous from YouTube. The team was created with the aim of posting Trick Shots in Call of Duty on YouTube.


Faze symbol

The author of the original FaZe logo was a freelance graphic designer known in the Internet under the nickname of Ferox. Although at first glance the logotype may seem just a random combination of bars of varying lengths, in fact its unusual shape does have a logical explanation. The logo represents overlapping letters “F” (reversed) and “C”. The original emblem was red, while the background was white.

Current emblem

emblem Faze

In 2016, the logo was slightly modified. The iconic shape stayed the same, while the color palette became richer due to the introduction of the new colors: yellow, dark blue, and black for the outline.


Logo Faze

It is hardly possible to discuss a “font” in case of the FaZe logo as it is actually just an emblem. However, bearing in mind that the Faze symbol is actually a combination of the overlapping letters “C” and “F”, we may say a couple of words about their distinctive features. Both the letters have only straight angles, even the “C” is devoid of any curves. In both the letters, the top bar is longer than the bottom one.

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Also, in some cases a wordmark may be used instead of the emblem. The old wordmark given in red and white features a custom typeface, in which every letter has been created from scratch. The type looks unusual due to the varying angles, bar lengths, and other design experiments.


Color Faze Logo

The current emblem combines a bright, saturated shade of red with rather discreet shades of dark blue and yellow. There are several possible explanations for the color scheme. According to some sources, the colors represent the countries where the team’s members come from.