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Fansly is a paid-subscription service, launched in 2020. It offers exclusive adult content, provided by local creators for a fee. It’s often compared to OnlyFans, but whereas the latter hosts other content, besides adult videos and streams, Fansly is focused solely on erotic publications from its growing audience.

Meaning and History

The service was launched in 2020. Unlike OnlyFans – a service created 4 years earlier, originally to host a variety clips and posts from different creators – Fansly focuses only on adult content from the beginning. They took the paid subscription model from OnlyFans and expanded it. That’s why it’s called Fansly – fans get to support their favorite creators in many more ways here.

2020 – today

Fansly Logo

The main emblem depicts a somewhat complex artistic image. It’s essentially a blue rhomb with two hook-like extensions originating from both left tips of its top sides. They go up and return to the surface on the opposite end of their respective sides, but without touching them. It obviously resembles locks. The two shackles symbolize the security and safety of one’s personal details on the website. This image also resembles a heart, the service’s strong connection to love and pleasure. The last touch is what seems like a camera lens in the middle of the rhomb section. There is a white border surrounding a circle (usually blue or black) with a small white light patch in the top right corner.

The other big logo part is the name wordmark. It’s usually to the emblem’s immediate right, written in lowercase letters of about half the height of the emblem to their left.


Fansly Symbol

The font used in the wordmark is nothing special. It consists of several lowercase letters in an ordinary sans-serif font, similar to the likes of Arial and so forth. The coloring is usually black or light blue, depending on what the choice is for the emblem color scheme, which can also differ.


Fansly Emblem

There are generally two color scheme, used for the emblem. The blue coloring is dominant in both of these. The blue is always used for the padlock itself, but there’s usually a choice for the lens part. The exact shade can vary from turquoise to even cerulean. It’s either just as blue as the surrounding imagery or black. When it’s black, the writing to the right also uses this color, but otherwise it’s light blue.