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F95Zone is the name of an adult content web-portal, which specializes in comics and video-games, but is also a huge online forum for discussions of any type. The portal has millions of users from all over the world.

Meaning and history

F95Zone.to logo
F95Zone is one of the most famous online communities for adult gamers from all across the globe, with hundreds of discussions and games available. This is the place where almost everyone can find something to ask or read about, and of course, to play.

The portal offers mostly 18+ content, and the users are free to talk about whatever they feel excited about. Forgot the name of the game you played years ago? Ask and get an answer. Feeling in need of communication with someone sharing your interests? F95Zone connects people, so just try it.

Being a harbor for people of different nationalities and interests, F95Zone had to think thoroughly about its visual identity. It had to be something memorable and recognizable, but at the same time modern and progressive, and playful, to reflect the essence of the portal.

Of course, the main thing, that made the F95Zone portal so popular is an r-rated content, so this thing should have also been reflected in the insignia, but with no exaggeration or vulgarity.

The F95Zone logo is built on clean lines and color contrast. The combination of black, white, and red is what you see first when looking at the emblem of the website. It is a plain black background, with the two parts of the wordmark placed on it straight in one line.

The left side of the badge contains “F95” in massive white symbols, drawn in thick lines with their ends cut straight and distinct. On the right from the white part, there is a red and black “Zone” inscription.

Set in the uppercase, “Zone” is written in black on a horizontal rectangular, colored dark red. The black symbols cut the borders of the red banner, merging with a black background of the logo. It looks cool and powerful.

The second part of the insignia is executed in thinner lines with more space between the letters, though the overall image looks very balanced and strong. With geometric shapes, neat contours, and brutal character.

What is F95Zone?
F95Zone is the name of an online platform with a huge collection of pornography, including games and animations. The website is known to be one of the most popular online communities for people, interested in the XXX type of content, with forums and chats on all the possible topics in the theme.

Font and color

For its official logo, F95Zone uses two different typefaces. The white “F95” part of the insignia is executed in an extra-bold sans-serif typeface, with the letter “F” pretty recognizable due to the different lengths of its horizontal bars. The upper one is a little bit longer than the bottom bar. The font of the “F95” part is very similar to Sublima Black with its confident and massive shapes, and a very strong character. There is also some resemblance to classic Helvetica Black and Izmir Black. The letter “F” looks very close to all these three typefaces, though the “9” digit was customized and has its tail diagonal, not curved, and this is what makes the whole logotype unique.

As for the second, “Zone”, part of the logo, it is also executed in the capital letters of a clean and bold sans-serif typeface. It could be any of the following fonts, takes as a base: Gravitica Mono Black, Falena Black, Jiho ExtraBold or Compose Black, but with some lines modified. The main thing here, apart from the color palette, is the use of a lot of space between the symbols. The inscription looks stable but light and airy.

The traditional combination of red, black, and white, taken for the official color palette of the F95Zone, is a reflection of passion and power, of love, excitement, and transparency. Here people from different countries and continents can feel absolutely free to discuss any topic. The black background stands for confidence and strength, while the white letters are a reflection of security and trustworthiness, and red is all about passion.


For its web icon F95Zone uses the same style, but with the logotype set in two lines, with the “F95” slightly enlarged and placed above the “Zone”. On the square emblem, the colors are used in reverse. Thus, the background of the square is plain white, the “F95” in a bold Sans-serif font uses simple black, and the bottom line, with the “Zone”, shows a red horizontally-oriented rectangle, with white capital letters wen over it.