Eromaxx Films Logo

Eromaxx Films LogoEromaxx Films Logo PNG

Eromaxx Films have at least two versions of their logo. In addition to the more explicit full logo, there’s also an icon-like modification.

Meaning and history

Eromaxx Films Logo

While the current website is designed primarily in a blackish blue, orange, and white, you can also come across an alternative (or older) Eromaxx logo. Here, the glyphs are given in dark and light grey, with the letters “.net” in white over the blue background.

Current icon emblem

Eromaxx Films emblem

The icon features a lowercase letter “e” inside an orange circle. The letter is slightly sloping to the left, so its bar isn’t exactly horizontal. The emblem might have been inspired by the instantly identifiable symbols of such projects as Nike or Twitter, which don’t even need to include the name of the company to be recognized. Ad yet, as Eromaxx is by far less popular, its emblem includes the name of the project – it’s placed below the “e.”

Primary symbol

Eromaxx Films symbol

The main logo features the word “eromaxx” in white lowercase letters followed by the lettering “.net” in a box looking like a speech bubble. The box is dark orange, while the letters are of the distinctive shade of blue dominating the project’s website. The slogan “maxximum erotica” in smaller letters can be seen below.


Eromaxx Films

The rounded sans serif type looks very modern and reminds a variety of fonts, including, for instance, Core Sans ES 45, Bulo Rounded, Molde Semi Bold, and Core Sans AR 65 Bold.



The authors of the Eromaxx Films logo and the website design replaced the generic black used on most porn websites with a very dark shade of blue, which makes the palette stand out. Next to this color, the orange looks exceptionally bright and recognizable. In the icon version of the logo, the classic orange has been replaced by two hues: a more saturated orange and a lighter yellow shade.