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While the Eporner logo features one of the most typical color schemes for porn logos – black, white, and red – it looks rather distinctive here. One reason is that unlike its competitors, this one has red as a background color. As red dominates the design, the overall impression you get from this logo is different than for a typical black-dominated or white-dominated picture. Also, the shade of red is a bit darker than the most widely used red like on the YouTube logo.


There’re at least two versions of the logo. On the main one, the two parts of the project name are placed next to each other in a single line, while on the other version “com” can be seen below the word “Eporner.” The letters of the bold all-caps type are rather tall. If you’re looking for a distinctive “M” like this, you may try the font called Headliner No 45 Regular from KC Fonts. All the other letters seem more generic and easy to find.