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Meaning and history

EPorner is one of the most popular online destinations for adult content. The website is known for its high quality video clips and movies in all the possible formats and categories.
The design of the site is very simple and standard, and the background color is black. But there is a stripe of red at the top of the page, which does not fit the overall theme and causes nothing but complete indifference and frustration.
Signing up for EPorner is free and allows you to upload content and leave comments. You can speed up the process by logging in with your Google account.

What is EPorner?
EPorner is the name of a popular pornography website, which is known to have one of the largest galleries of adult content in various categories. The website offers videos in all possible formats, including HD, 4K and VR. Also, EPorner has a huge community, where anyone can join.

Eporner Logo

While the Eporner logo features one of the most typical color schemes for porn logos – black, white, and red – it looks rather distinctive here. One reason is that unlike its competitors, this one has red as a background color. As red dominates the design, the overall impression you get from this logo is different than for a typical black-dominated or white-dominated picture. Also, the shade of red is a bit darker than the most widely used red like on the YouTube logo.

There’re at least two versions of the logo. On the main one, the two parts of the project name are placed next to each other in a single line, while on the other version “com” can be seen below the word “Eporner.” The letters of the bold all-caps type are rather tall. If you’re looking for a distinctive “M” like this, you may try the font called Headliner No 45 Regular from KC Fonts. All the other letters seem more generic and easy to find.

Font and Color

The heavy uppercase lettering from the primary EPorner logo is set in an extra-bold geometric sans-serif typeface with angular contours of the characters. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Zuume Soft Extra Bold, or Cocogoose Pro Narrows Ultra Compressed Regular.

As for the color palette of the EPorner visual identity, it is based on glossy black and dark red, colors of passion and confidence. Red here also points on the specialization of the web platform, and symbolizes passions