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e621, a notable name in the online realm, operates as an image board primarily designed for the sharing and discussion of artwork, often of anthropomorphic animals or “furry” content. The entity behind this platform is currently owned by Bad Dragon Enterprises, renowned for manufacturing fantasy-themed adult products. e621’s operations mainly span across the digital spectrum, making it accessible to a broad international audience. Through its extensive gallery and active community, e621 has solidified its position as a go-to hub for enthusiasts and artists alike.

Meaning and history

Founded in 2007, e621 has emerged as a distinctive online image board dedicated primarily to anthropomorphic or “furry” artwork. The platform has achieved significant milestones in terms of user engagement, boasting an extensive collection of art submissions and fostering a thriving community. Its uniqueness lies in its curated content, catering specifically to a niche audience. Over the years, e621 has witnessed transitions in ownership, and as of recent times, it rests under the banner of Bad Dragon Enterprises. Currently, the platform continues its legacy by serving as a central hub for art aficionados and creators, maintaining its prominent stance in the digital realm.

What is e621?
e621 is an online image board, originally established in 2007, dedicated to showcasing and discussing anthropomorphic or “furry” artwork. It has grown as a hub for the furry community and art enthusiasts globally.

2007 – Today

e621 Logo

Dominating the visual frame is a bold blue hexagon. Its geometric precision and solid hue resonate with stability and trust. Within this hexagon, a pristine white lowercase ‘e’ finds its home. Its simplicity conveys clarity, while its placement within the hexagon suggests protection or core value.

Flanking the top of the hexagon are two intriguing shapes. This is yellow and white gradient crescents – ear-like. The base of the hexagon hosts the numeral “621”. Its white font provides a stark contrast against the bold blue, ensuring visibility and prominence.

Together, the elements harmoniously weave a tale of a brand that is at once forward-thinking yet deeply rooted in its core values. The clever use of symbols, colors, and numbers crafts an identity that intrigues, engages, and remains memorable.