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Since joining the league in 2006, Denver has amassed an excellent record. They set a league record in 2019 by appearing in nine consecutive championship games. The Outlaws and the Chesapeake Bayhawks have a long-standing rivalry that made for fierce and thrilling on-field competitions. The team’s accomplishments have contributed to lacrosse’s increasing prominence in Denver. The team’s mascot, “Rowdy,” is an enthusiastic and engaging character.

Meaning and History

In 2006, the Denver Outlaws started playing lacrosse as pros. The team achieved great status straight out of the gate, amassing 13 thousand spectators for its first home game. With a 10-2 record at the end of the season, it qualified for the championship game. For the next few seasons, the Outlaws gained a reputation as the best team to never win it all.  This did not stop them from winning the MLL championship title three times. Sadly, the Denver Outlaws were left without a known future as a result of the PLL and MLL merging in 2020.

What is Denver Outlaws?
Denver Outlaws were one of the most successful teams in Major League Lacrosse attracting about 10,000–15,000 spectators on average for each game. They are proud to own the record for the longest winning streak in MLL history.

2006 – Today

Denver Outlaws Logo

Their logo looks bold and daring with sharp ends and pointed serifs. It has a large “O” monogram with a sharp orange wire wrapped around another pointed wire. This creates a very powerful and strong image. This effect is enhanced with a bold black inscription “Outlaws”. The “Denver” part of the name is added at the bottom and printed in orange using a basic, sans-serif font. There is a balance in terms of color and design as a whole, which creates a professional team image.

Font and Color

Denver Outlaws Emblem

Their color palette, which consists of black, white, and orange, symbolizes strength, energy, and teamwork that help them achieve such success. The black color adds a feeling of authority and power, while the orange provides a bright element and reflects their enthusiasm and pride.

As the case with many sports logos, the Denver Outlaws logo features two font choices. The main font has thick strokes and sharp, pointed serifs. The latter add a feeling of movement as well as boldness. The other font has a simple design and no serifs. Unlike the other line, this portion has wide spacing, which allows to design a well-proportioned image.

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