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Meaning and history

CumLouder Logo history

Old logo

CumLouder Logo-old

The initial CumLouder logo also featured a combination of orange and black as the main theme, although it was accompanied by a light gray shade. The badge featured a bold stylized inscription in a custom rounded sans-serif typeface with all of its uppercase letters unevenly outlined in thick black. The surface of the letters boasted a matte metallic effect with some gradient, going lighter from bottom to top, and a black dot pattern in some areas. The first part of the inscription was written in orange, while the “Louder”, placed with no space from the first part, was set in light silver.

New logo

CumLouder Logo

While the palette of the CumLouder logo is vaguely reminiscent of one of the porn industry leaders, Pornhub, the similarity is only superficial.

The insignia features the name of the project broken into two parts with the help of the color. The first part is red, while the second part is white. In comparison with Pornhub, the color scheme of the CumLouder emblem is muted. Both the orange and white letters have tiny grey dots making the design slightly blurred. The soft and muted effect is reinforced by the color of the background, which is middle grey.