Conoco Logo

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  1. Conoco Logo

While the current Conoco logo has a pretty different shape than the original one, you can notice the connection between them due to the palette and the way the company name is written.

Meaning and history

Conoco Logo history


The history of the Conoco brand can be traced back to 1875 when the Continental Oil and Transportation Company was founded. In 1929, it was purchased by Marland Oil. In its turn, Marland Oil was renamed Continental Oil Company but used its old logo – a red trangle. This time, it featured the lettering “Conoco” in white over the red rectangle.


Conoco Logo

The company adopted a so-called capsule logo. While the design was heavily inspired by the previous version, it now looked cleaner and minimalistic.

The triangle disappeared altogether. The red rectangle housing the wordmark was replaced by a white ellipsoid with red trim. The glyphs grew simpler yet more unusual. This was mostly because of the “n” in the middle – in fact, it looked like a rotated “c.” This approach created a visual rhyme and helped to perceive the wordmark as a single whole.

When Conoco merged with Phillips Petroleum Company in 2002, it was renamed ConocoPhillip. However, the Conoco name remained as a brand of oil and gas station.

Somewhere in the 2000s, the brand introduced an alternative Conoco logo, where the ellipsoid was colored red and had a 3D effect.