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The Indianapolis Colts is an American professional football team, which was founded in 1953. The team plays in the South Division of the American Football Conference (NFL).

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Indianapolis Colts Logo history

The history of the Colts logo began with the advent of the club itself in 1953. The Baltimore logo featured a blue horse wearing a football helmet, holding a football and jumping over a goal post. The “Baltimore Colts” wordmark was written in grey capitals. This logo continued until 1960. In 1961 it was modified: a large part of it was removed, but the horse was still there, and there was a horseshoe mark – the would-be Colts logo – on the helmet. This logo was in use until 1978.
indianapolis colts logo
The 1979 Baltimore Colts logo was a blue horseshoe with seven holes. In 1984, the team was relocated to Indianapolis, but the logo was the same. In 2002, the Colts logo took on a slightly different hue of blue.


colts symbol
The horseshoe symbol has firmly established itself as a Colts logo, and it pretty much reflects the team’s never-flagging and almost animalistic perseverance and infinite determination to win.


colts emblem
The emblem goes back to the times when the team was based in Baltimore – a city, which boasts rich horse racing traditions.


shape colts logo
The horseshoe logo has been around since 1979. Today, it is a blue horseshoe with seven white holes. Since its inception it has not changed much.


colors colts logo
The Colts logo colors include blue and a tiny bit of white. Blue symbolizes excellence, persistence, and power; white stands for purity and charm.


font colts logo
The Colts wordmark uses the Playbill BT Regular font, and it is written in blue uppercase capitals.