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Cash App is an application that helps people to control their finances and send money-transfers to other users via mobile phone. The software was then released by Square in 2013 and today it already has millions of users across the globe and is considered to be one of the most popular applications in this segment, available both for Android and iOS operating systems.

Meaning and history

Cash App logo

The visual identity of the cash app has always been very bright. Its Laconic symbol enclosed in the square frame was rounded angles represents the purpose and essence of the application and its bright color palette makes it look remarkable and eye-catching.

The logo we all can see today was designed with the launch of the application, in 2013, and hasn’t changed since then. The online-service’s visual identity featured two parts — a colorful icon and strict simple lettering, which is very rarely used, and usually placed on the right from the graphical emblem, or under it.

The icon, emblem, and the app’s signifier is a smooth electric-green square with softened angles and a slanted dollar sign on it. The sign is drawn in white and has its vertical line replaced by two small rectangular “sprouts” coming out from the top and bottom arched of the “S”.

What is Cash App?
Cash App is the name of a mobile payment application, which was launched in 2013, and today its versions are available for both iOS and Android operating systems, allowing users from all over the globe to send and receive money by pressing just one button on their phone.

Cash App emblem

The slight inclination of the Cash App “$” makes the look of the delightful emblem even friendlier and more welcoming, evoking a sense of trustworthiness and reliability.

As for the lettering, it can be seen in black plain sans-serif, placed near the green and white icon, and adding a professional and serious touch. The other option — is using a white inscription in the same font, placed on a bright green background. In this case, the icon is not needed, as the logotype and its color palette combine all the features of the software’s identity.


The Cash App icon is a bright, acid green square with rounded angles, where a bold white Dollar symbol is placed. The symbol is drawn in a slightly stylized manner and is a bit slanted to the right. The thickness of the lines makes it look stable and confident, evoking a sense of strength, professionalism, and progressiveness.

Font and color

The clean and bold Cash App logotype is executed in a full and smooth sans-serif typeface, where the rounded shapes of the letters are brilliantly balanced in terms of sizes and spacing. The title-case inscription of the software’s name is written in a typeface, which is very similar to Basic Commercial family fonts and has a lot in common with FF Teal Head Medium. The simplicity and minimalist approach of the text design elevated the look of the whole logo, making it complete and “expensive”.

The color palette of the Cash App visual identity is based on the combination of bright green and white, which is sometimes accompanied by black accents in the lettering. The mix of light and happy colors evoke a sense of freedom and fun, representing the company as a successful and progressive one and reflecting its energy and positive attitude.