Campeche Piratas Logo

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Campeche Piratas (Piratas de Campeche) Logo
The Piratas de Campeche is a Minor League Baseball franchise competing in the Mexican League. The word “Pirates” from the name of the team inspired their logo.

Meaning and History logo

Campeche Piratas (Piratas de Campeche) Logo history

The history of the team can be traced back to 1980. It’s based in Campeche, Campeche, Mexico, and plays on the Triple-A level.

Primary symbol

Campeche Piratas (Piratas de Campeche) symbol
The Piratas de Campeche logo attracts attention with its unusual visual metaphor. It’s possible that you won’t be able to determine from the first glance what it is. A pirate’s face merges seamlessly into a baseball creating a link between the name of the team and the game it plays.


Campeche Piratas (Piratas de Campeche) emblem
The choice of blue, the main “ocean” color, seems natural for a team whose name means “Campeche Pirates.” Also, the Campeche Piratas logo comprises red and white.