Cactus Bowl Logo

Cactus Bowl Logo

From 2014 through 2017, the NCAA FBS college football bowl game that is now known as Cheez-It Bowl was played under the name of the “Cactus Bowl.” The original name of the game was the Copper Bowl.

Meaning and history

The Cactus Bowl logo went through at least two updates. The version used in 2015 featured a 3D gray board with orange sides. Above the board, the lettering “Ticket City” could be seen. On top of the design, there were skyscrapers in various shades of blue, from rather saturated to grayish.

Logo Cactus Bowl

The 2016 logo showcases a board that looked pretty similar. The palette was different, though, and the top of the logo was replaced. The 2017 emblem featured the board in gray and orange housing the words “Cactus Bowl.”