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One of the best known porn sites, Brazzers has a distinctive wordmark logo. Several years ago, it became a part of a popular trend: Internet users made Brazzers logo memes out of absolutely innocent pictures.

Meaning and history

Brazzers Logo history

The history of the site began in 2005. It was established by several investors from Montreal. Originally, Brazzers belonged to a bigger group of porn sites operated by Mansef. Five years later, the company changed its owner and got the new name of Manwin Inc.

In late 2012 the new owner, Fabian Thylmann was forced to leave Belgium and move to Germany because he was suspected of tax evasion. The next year, Manwin was sold to a multinational management group Mindgeek.

Today, the site belongs to the multinational Mindgeek, which is formally a Luxembourgh-based company. The name of the CEO is Feras Antoon.

2007 – 2008

Brazzers Logo 2007

2008 – 2009

Brazzers Logo 2008

2009 – 2012

Brazzers Logo 2009

2012 – 2020

Brazzers Logo 2012

2020 – now

Brazzers Logo

Scandals connected

Logo Brazzers

In 2016, there was a major scandal caused by a database breach. The media found out that in spring 2013 the site had been hacked and, as a result of the hacker attack, personal data of over 1 million users had been stolen.

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Earlier, there were two more scandals connected with Brazzers. The first one was the result of a lawsuit from the site’s ex-producer Bobby Manila, while the second was caused by accusations from Pink Visual Studio. The Studio claimed that Brazzers distributed unlicensed video content.


Brazzers symbol

The Brazzers logo is built around the name of the site. The square light grey capital letters are placed into a rectangular shape with the outline of the same light grey color. The “metal” logo gets a splash of color from the two yellow letters “Z”.

Emblem memes

Brazzers emblem

What is the best way to completely ruin an otherwise ordinary, innocent picture? Something as simple as the Brazzers logo often completely changes the meaning of a photo, making it look filthy.

Several years ago, a Reddit user started a thread, in which he suggested pasting the Brazzers insignia onto absolutely innocent pictures. The result was astonishing. Anything, from Disney movies to photos of British royalty, turned into something dirty. That was how multiple memes began to appear, and the Brazzers “virus” started its way around the globe.

At first, people just used the Brazzers logo png files that allowed them to make the logo transparent. Shortly after, special templates and even Brazzers meme generators were developed, to make the process easier.

Interestingly enough, most of the pictures look perfectly fine with context. They may seem questionable if you remove the context, yet they would never have looked as a screenshot from some sort of amateur porn video if the Brazzers insignia had not appeared on them. It is just another example of how human brain is wired to find a link with sex wherever possible. The Brazzers logo meme “virus” boosted the popularity of the porn site, bringing there a lot of new users.


Font Brazzers Logo

At first glance, the typeface seems perfectly regular. However, if you take a closer look, you may notice a couple of unusual features. For instance, the letter “S” has uneven ends making it look unique. On the whole, the typeface is very close to the Bank Gothic Medium font.

The Bank Gothic font family is a set of square capitals created by Morris Fuller Benton for ATF in 1930. The distinctive shape of the letters was inspired by geometric forms.


Color Brazzers Logo

The logotype is dominated by black and its shades. Actually, the black color itself occupies comparatively little space, while most of the surface is given to grey. Due to special visual effects, grey acquires a distinctive metal feel. Also, there is a bright shade of yellow used as an accent color, which makes the logo extremely eye-catching.