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Bonprix is a German fashion retailer, which was established in 1986 and today operates across the globe through its online platform. The e-store offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for the whole family, along with interior items and electrical appliances. The company serves more than 30 million customers in 30 countries and keeps expanding.

Meaning and history

Bonprix Logo history

The visual identity of a European fashion retailer is based on color. Intense pink makes the company’s logo instantly recognizable despite the absence of any graphical details.

The pink and white color palette of the e-store’s visual identity symbolizes love, passion, and energy, which the company puts into its services and relationships with its customers.

The text-based logo is composed of two overlapping levels of the wordmark, where the dot above the “I” from the bottom level is colored white and placed over the “O” of the top level. This makes the nameplate look a little lighter and more vivid.

200? – 2019

Bonprix Logo 2000

The Bonprix logo, used by the company in the 2000s, was placed on a sleek and bold two-leveled lettering in a custom sans-serif font with the extra-heavy characters in the lowercase executed in an intense crimson-red shade. The dot above the “I” was set in white and was overlapping the “O” in its bottom right part. This badge stayed in use until 2019.

2019 – 2023

Bonprix Logo 2019

The redesign of 2019 has refined the contours of the characters, slightly narrowing them and making the letters taller. The color palette was a bit lightened up, making the composition look more elegant and modern. As for the disposition, style and the solid white dot, it all remained the same.

2023 – now

Bonprix Logo

In 2023 the Bonprix visual identity was completely changed. The new logo is based on a black lowercase inscription, set in one line, with the characters placed on a significant distance from each other. The typeface of the inscription was switched to a more lightweight and smooth one, with playful ends of the bars, adding recognizability and uniqueness to a simple minimalistic concept of the logo. The dot above the “I” was removed, but the logotype got accompanied by a diagonally-stretched dot at the end of the word.


The wordmark in all the lowercase letters is executed in a custom extra bold sans-serif typeface with its rounded shapes. The font of the inscription looks close to Diodrum Arabic Bold, a low-contrast typeface designed by Bahman Eslami. The main feature of the font is its large open counter forms and the middles of the letters, which make the biggest accent.


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Bonprix is one of the biggest European companies in fashion retail. The part of the Otto Group, it has a turnover of about 1,5 billion euro and serves almost 40 million customers all over the globe.

The online retailer is well-known for its wide selection of high-quality clothing and footwear for men, women, and kids, along with accessories and home textiles. The company is known for exceptional customer support services, a secure payment system, and fast and reliable delivery.

One of the biggest and fastest-growing European e-stores keeps developing and expanding its assortment, trying to make their clientele happy and bring high-quality yet affordable goods to their homes.