Bluebird Films Logo

Bluebird Films LogoBluebird Films Logo PNG

Due to the mirror and gradient effects, the Bluebird Films logo looks very lightweight and aerial – an impression that is only reinforced by the slim female figure on the left.

Old symbol

Bluebird Films old logo

On the previous version of the logo, the winged female was all white without any gradient, which gave her a more solid look. There wasn’t a mirror reflection below the lettering, which can be seen on the current logo.


Bluebird Films emblem

The current logo can be broken into three parts. The most eye-catching one is the word “bluebird” in (surprise, surprise!) blue. The two “b’s” and the “d” create a visual “rhyme.” Also, the first and the last letters are each other’s mirror reflections – the fact that adds up to the overall mirror theme. Next, you can see the lettering “films” in dark grey. The letters are thinner, but they seem to belong to the same type.

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The highlight of the logo, though, is the graceful female figure on the left. Because of the gradient, it’s barely seen, and its “flying” quality is emphasized.


Bluebird Films symbol

The distinctive feature of the type is the combination of soft, rounded shapes with a couple of sharper angular elements (the top end of the “l” or the “i,” for instance). There’s also a characteristic link between the “f” and the “i.”


Bluebird Films

The rich shade of blue on the Bluebird Films logo looks bright and saturated in combination with the dark grey.