Biography of the Leo Bernett

Born: October 21, 1891
St. Johns, Michigan, United States
Biography Leo Bernett
Leo Bernett is known to be one of the most creative ad business personalities. The Times described him as a twentieth century’s top hundred most influential one.
Bernett’s ad philosophy was based on the concept of inalienable effectiveness, which he had developed himself. Bernett believed that each product had something inalienable yet effective about it, which made the manufacturer want to produce it, and a consumer – to buy it.
It was a product’s characteristics, which Bernett strove to highlight in every ad campaign, as he would emphasize it in posters and slogans.
His clients also include such famous companies as Marlboro, CocaCola, McDonalds, WaltDisney, and many other ones. His perfectionist and creative approach, as well as an effective advertisement concept, which is based on love and respect, have made Bernett a key figure in the history of advertisement business. Today, his name is closely associated with success and innovation in the sphere of advertisement.
Leo Bernett death: June 7, 1971; Lake Zurich, Illinois U.S.