Better Business Bureau Logo

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Better Business Bureau Logo
Better Business Bureau is an American corporation, which specializes in assigning rankings to business and charity structures. It was established in 1913 and today consists of more than 100 local subsidiaries across North America.

Meaning and history

Better Business Bureau Logo history

Since the very beginning of its history, the Better Business Bureau used an image of a torch as its emblem. The torch symbolizes hope, life, and tolerance. It is one of the most beautiful and meaningful symbols.
The BBB logo, designed in 2007, is composed of a stylized torch and a wordmark underneath it. The sans-serif typeface of the lettering is laconic and neat, the year the lines and spaces are perfectly balanced and look bold and confident.
The torch is drawn without its handle and with the flame split into two parts: the upper one, which is also the bigger, and the lower, more elegant and small. Both parts have absolutely equal shapes, which makes the logo look organized and modern.
Better Business Bureau Logo
The white and blue color palette of the Better Business Bureau logo evokes a sense of professionalism and reliability. The choice of a calm blue as the main brand’s color represents the company as the one that values loyalty and expertise above all.
The BBB logo is a strong and recognizable work of design. Perfectly executed, it is a great representation of a powerful and influential organization.