Best Logo Designs in Sports and eSports today

Sports logos are an integral part of sports, be it live on the pitch or eSports, and currently, it is almost impossible for the world of sports to exist without them. Whether it is a mark on the chest of a jersey or a stripe on the sides of a pair of shorts or track pants, sports branding, especially logos, is a vital identity tool.
Gamblers and gamers at the Spin online casino identify teams with their logos, especially when playing live games. Bettors can easily identify the teams to bet on by seeing their logo design, and probably bookmarking them.

Here are some of the most authentic logos on sports clothing and websites.

Seattle Kraken Suckers NHL

Seattle Kraken logo

Shaped like a giant “S” with an octopus tentacle running through it, Seattle Kraken earned an expansion award from NHL for its enthusiastic impact on the fans. However, upon unveiling the logo, the team received various reactions from the public. Some criticized it, terming the sea monster as a bit outlandish, but the logo looked brilliantly wild for others.

The logo has aroused excitement in the local fans and they are eager about the NHL 21/22 season launch. The club’s merchandise is gaining popularity beyond its warehouse walls, which clearly indicates that the logo is significantly relevant.

New York, Melbourne, and Manchester City

Melbourne City logo

Contrary to the traditional football clubs, current soccer clubs are more of business entities than community pillars. It is evident in the network of clubs run by Manchester City’s Arab bakers. They also have control on Australian outfit Melbourne City and MLS side New York City. They also have a massive share of the northern England Sky Blues. The logos in the three clubs share the Manchester shape. On the same note, the Aussie and the US sides receive the Premier League’s clout behind them, bringing Pep Guardiola’s men to global exposure.

Formula 1 New Logo

f1 logo

Formula 1 revealed a new visual identity to welcome the new era of sports. The main aim was to unveil their unique idea of rebranding the sport as a global media. By working with the Flamingo, a research agency, they managed to makeover their earlier gaming idea of racing into an entertainment brand. The new branding mission of assembling the logo received help from W+K head of strategy and was unleashed during a live-end session at the end of Formula 1 Etihad. The logo’s revealing attracted more than 1,500 media outlets and 35,000 tweets, which proved that the logo was on point.

Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls logo

Chicago Bulls is one of the most effective logos in sports and eSports. The franchise proves to be a superior design for both the existing brands and those in the making. It is symbolic such that you can see sports from different angles. The sharp horns and years are genuinely artistic. It implicates dominance and power. The idea in the picture is to create an image that indicates that the team is powerful. Angry Mascots are one of the illustrations of sports, and the team’s logo seems to bring out the real picture of them more vividly and aggressively.
The essence of a logos is to explain the team. For instance, a casual fan recognizes the Chicago Bulls logo miles away. Since the logo is authentic and speaks every detail of the group, fans can easily relate to it.