Best Dog Food Brands 2023 – 2024

Top 20 Dog Food Brands

More and more dog owners are choosing to feed their pets dry food. Some come to this decision on their own, others come on the advice of a veterinarian or more experienced dog owners, others simply do not have time to prepare food. The demand for dog food is constantly increasing, which gives rise to a variety of products. Choosing the best product is becoming increasingly difficult.

The situation when owners are faced with the choice of what food to choose for the dog is understandable. Many dog food brands on the shelves of supermarkets and pet stores claim to be the best for your dog and the status of “healthy food with the best taste”. In this article, we’ll try to figure out what the “perfect dog food” really is and what criteria are used to choose it.

The best choice for pet owners is a dog food that contains the necessary calories, minerals, vitamins and nutrients so that it can be used as a complete diet.


Classificationof the dog foods is made according to the following criteria:

  • Consistency – feeds are divided into dry and wet. Wet feeds contain up to 70-80% liquid, while dry feeds contain no more than 10% and considerably more nutrient solids.
  • Composition – manufacturers use slaughterhouse waste, soy, bone meal, rice, wheat and other grains to prepare dog food. The best foods are made from meat, fish, by-products, and vegetables.
  • Energy value – the manufacturer must indicate it on the package. In products of low quality it is up to 350 kcal per 100 g. The caloric value of a good diet – from 350 to 450 kcal per 100 g. The higher the calories, the smaller the portions, so buying expensive and higher quality food is economical.

Types of food

All dog foods, regardless of classification, are divided into three types:

  • Standard – These are chosen for everyday nutrition for healthy dogs. This type includes dog foods, dry or wet, from economy class to holistic.
  • Specialized – selected for certain categories of animals: puppies, pregnant and lactating, spayed, overweight, prone to allergic reactions. There are also choices in all price ranges. But only a diet of good composition and quality can benefit the pet.
  • Therapeutic – selected on the recommendation of the veterinarian. Usually experts suggest choosing from several brands in different price categories, but often for sick pets high quality food of exclusively super-premium class or holistic is required.

How to choose?

How to choose Dog food brands

The first thing you should pay attention to is the composition of dog food. It is on this principle that most of the ratings are based. If we are talking about super premium food, the composition should not contain:

  • antibiotics and hormones;
  • artificial colors (the most common are tartrazine, azorubin), flavorings and preservatives;
  • artificial flavor enhancers.

Let’s explain some of the ingredients you may see in the list of ingredients on the dog food package.

  • By-products. They come in healthy and not-so-healthy flavors. Manufacturers add them to replace artificial additives – that’s a good thing. From by-products, the pet gets some micronutrients and vitamins that are not found or are present in small amounts in muscle meat. For example, it is the cartilage, ligaments and bones that contain chondroitin and glucosamine, which are necessary for the functioning of the animal’s joints (especially at an advanced age). There is a downside. The digestibility of such protein is lower, dogs do not digest it well, which can cause diarrhea.
  • Dehydrated meat. This is meat that has undergone special processing to reduce the amount of moisture, and eventually became meat meal – so manufacturers increase its content in super premium and some premium foods.
  • This is an antioxidant found in dog foods. It protects fats and fat-soluble vitamins from oxidation and preserves the quality of the meat/fish meal, thus increasing the shelf life of the food. No harm to the health of the pet, no side effects from thermox have been found.
  • Propyl gallate (E310). This is an artificial preservative that prevents oxidation of fats. It is not recommended to buy dog food that contains it. It can cause allergies, kidney problems, and stomach irritation. The preservative is prohibited in the production of baby food.
  • Taurine is an important component of food. It is good for the heart system. Dog food has less taurine than cat food (less need for it), but it is highly desirable.

Look carefully at the super premium food ingredients listed on the package. Keep in mind that a label like “turkey flavor” does not mean that the pellets contain poultry. It may contain flavorings or flavorings.

You should also pay attention to the nutritional content of the dog food. If your pet is overweight, food with a high nutritional value is not worth taking, although this in itself is a positive indicator.

Age of pet is one more important criteria. As a general rule, dogs at age 7+ are switched to a senior pet food. Food for puppies is more rich in vitamins and amino acids, its energy value is higher, which is necessary for the normal development of the growing body during a period of increased activity. If you give this food to an adult dog once, there will be no health problems. But feeding an animal with a composition not for its age for a long time can be dangerous to health. And the reverse is true. If you give a puppy adult food constantly, lack of vitamins will be critical, there may be problems with normal development, the formation of the bone cortex, teeth, immunity.

The manufacturer is another indicator of quality.So here we go, the top 20 manufacturers of dog food:

1st Choice

1st Choice Logo

Canadian dog food. 1st Choice products include commercial pet foods so that it’s easy to select by age and lifestyle. The philosophy of the company – the choice of a complete and balanced food is determined by the dog itself, its energy needs and health status, age and other things… Among the 1st Choice brand new products are diets with prebiotics for weight control of small, large and medium breeds of dogs, immunity and vitality mixes for spayed and animals with hypersensitive food. The food from the Canadian manufacturer pleasantly surprises with its multi-composition – some items contain up to 50 ingredients. There are no fresh ingredients in the food: instead, dried chicken liver, fat, bird meal, fiber, chicory extract. But the predominance of plant components does not affect the quality of the product. Important to know: can cause allergies.

1st Choice


Savarra Logo

English brand of pet food. Savarra is one of the most recognized manufacturers of ready-to-eat pet foods. Prepared foods contain a large proportion of meat (turkey, duck, lamb), vegetables, eggs, natural health supplements. The product includes chondroitin and glucosamine, which have a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system of dogs.


Kennels` Favourite

Kennels` Favourite Logo

Super-premium dog food from the Dutch manufacturer. Kennels` Favourite is made and packaged in the Netherlands. Kennels’ Favourite foods have simple formulas and take into account the lifestyle, size and age of the dog, with attention to the specifics of each dog’s diet. All foods are divided into several categories with a clear indication of the purpose and benefits of each diet.

Kennels` Favourite


Acana Logo

A Canadian manufacturer of ready-to-eat, holistic pet foods. Acana food is recognized as a source of complete nutrition for dogs, it contains high amounts of protein (up to 75 percent), raw ingredients and less carbohydrates than analogues. Rich compositions, nutritiousness and pleasant tastes are the criteria by which the products of the Canadian brand are chosen. Akana products are represented by different types of dry, wet food and treats for every stage of a pet’s life.



Monge Logo

Suitable for all dog breeds, Monge Grill wet food has an appetizing flavor due to its juicy jelly and grilled meat content. Animals love this flavor.

The product also contains a vitamin complex: E, A, D3, fats, oils and minerals. This food can be eaten by dogs prone to gluten allergies because it contains no grain ingredients. The Italian manufacturer uses rosemary extract and a mixture of tocopherols as a preservative. The line is wide: there are feeds for breeds of different sizes, special feeds and hypoallergenic. Each Monge item includes a complete vitamin and mineral complex.



Primordial Logo

Italian manufacturer of high quality holistic dog foods. Primordial foods are available in a wide range, its price is relatively high. The basis of nutraceutical foods is meat and plant products, rich in active ingredients and valuable oils. Plant extracts, natural antioxidants and prebiotics are used as additives. Quality is the hallmark of Primordial products, which are designed “to respect the natural nutrition” of our four-legged friends.



Profine Logo

A premium food from the Czech Republic. The basis of the food is proteins based on meat and fish components, plant proteins are not used in the production of diets. The Profine mixes are balanced by vitamin and mineral additives. The source of protein is fish and meat ingredients. The feeds of this brand are high in fiber, minerals and vitamins.


Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan Logo

Specially formulated for adult dogs, this dry complete food has a distinctive composition and vitamin complex. Our specialists have developed an exclusive formula OPTIHEALTH, taking into consideration all the peculiarities of large breeds, which has a positive effect on the overall condition of the dog.

An undeniable advantage of Purina Pro Plan is a competent combination of components. The product contains: proteins, wheat groats, chicken, healthy fish oil, plant extracts, etc. The food has a positive effect on the development of joints and strengthens the bones.

Purina Pro Plan


Hill’s Logo

An American manufacturer of foods for every life stage of a dog. The Hill’s brand claims that their food creates a “better life” for the pet through the use of scientific advances in the production of nutrition for four-legged pets. Hill’s experts in wet and dry nutrition work with veterinary nutritionists and nutritionists to develop nutritionally sound dry and wet diets. Special attention is given to nutritional supplementation for dogs with kidney problems, liver problems, dermatological and nutritional sensitivities. In addition to high quality formulations, Hill’s foods are known for their appealing flavors and scents to animals.



Canagan Logo

A holistic food from a UK manufacturer that won a special royal award. Canagan was the first grain-free food created in the U.K. that included pieces of meat or fish with vegetables and various vegetable additives. The tasty recipes have a high nutritional value for pets. When combining foods in diets, the emphasis is on the dog’s “ancestral diet” with the correct ratio of carbohydrates to proteins in favor of the latter.


Barking Heads

Barking Heads logo

This British brand produces relatively expensive food, which does not reduce their popularity. The products are dominated by animal fats (meat, poultry and fish), which are better digested than vegetable fats. Fiber is added in the form of unusual ingredients like yams and alfalfa. Of the cereals, rice, oats and barley are present.

Barking Heads super-premium dog foods are made in the UK. We carefully control all the steps in the process to reach a high quality product that can be used as daily dog food.

Barking Heads


Grandorf Logo

Food for puppies of any breed from the Belgian manufacturer of the “holistic” class. The basic Grandorf diet includes rice, dried lamb and turkey meat. Some rations include krill fish, useful for pet’s fur. The natural formula contains components to support the pet’s musculoskeletal system. The source of carbohydrates in Grandorf food is yams and dried vegetables. The manufacturer has foods with immune complexes for very allergy-prone dogs. A disadvantage of this manufacturer is the low amount of fiber in ready-to-eat diets.



Orijen logo

This company uses a unique technology in the production process, which maximally preserves vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The low temperature (-50 ° C), affecting the product, removes only moisture. As a result, the pet gets a perfectly balanced diet, which meets all its needs for an active and long life. The food consists of 90% of meat ingredients (chicken and turkey), which are indispensable sources of protein. It also includes herring fillets, fresh eggs, pumpkin, carrots, apples, beets, cranberries, blueberries, brown algae and other healthy ingredients. It does not contain potatoes or grains, which are heavy for dogs’ sensitive digestion.



Mera logo

A popular European brand of dog food. All Mera food is produced and packaged in Germany. Depending on activity level, age and taste preferences of your pet, a suitable food ration is chosen. The products include dry, wet food and treats for adult dogs, for small breeds, for puppies and young dogs. The main cereal used is rice, which is a natural hypoallergenic ingredient. There is a premium and super-premium line for allergy sufferers, a holistic line with fresh vegetables and meat, and a budget line Essential with grains and less meat.



GO! Logo

A premium holistic food from Canada that “supports the dog from the inside out in a way that’s visible from the outside in.” Dry and wet diets are divided by stage of life, by type of food and according to the special requirements of the pet. The basic ration consists of meat (lamb, turkey, pork, chicken) and fish (trout, salmon, cod and herring). There are different kinds of food – with and without cereals, with high protein content, without beans, with low carbohydrate content. To meet the digestive needs of your dog, our nutritional formulas offer special blends. GO! is GMO and hormone free.



Farmina Logo

Another line on our list is dry dog food from the Farmina brand. The products are made in Italy and Serbia. The food of this brand belongs to the super-premium class and holistic. The foods are as close as possible to the diet of animals in the wild, thanks to the 70% protein content in the composition.



Alleva logo

This Italian-made product is a holistic food. The development of each diet is preceded by scientific research according to the No Cruelty Test concept. The same ingredients and fats are used to make the food as for human consumption. Foods are distributed to shelters at no cost for sampling.


Brit logo

Brit is a brand of Czech food that contains shells, cartilage and green mussels. It sounds terrifying, but it’s actually good for your joints. The source of protein is exclusively meat products. And collagen, blueberries, herbs, and fruit are included as healthy additives.  Premium dry food – great for the daily diet of an adult dog. Besides an impressive meat content (41%), which is the greatest benefit of the product, it also contains fat, rice, chicken meal, corn, dried fruits and significant vitamins, such as zinc, copper and other minerals.

Brit food is approved by veterinarians, as a food that provides a complete diet for adult dogs. Indeed, judging by reviews, when fed this food, the dogs become more mobile and active, the coat becomes smooth and voluminous.


Duke’s Farm

Duke’s Farm Logo

This is an English super-premium dog food. The main ingredient is meat, followed by easily digestible carbohydrates (grains, vegetables, berries). A balanced diet for medium-sized dogs. Contains no preservatives, antibacterial additives, enriched with cranberries and nettles.



Eukanuba Logo

The most interesting product of this European brand is Eukanuba Dermatosis FP Response. It’s aimed at dogs with skin conditions. It is high in protein, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. It contains no artificial colors, preservatives or flavor enhancers. The protein used is catfish fish, which reduces the risk of developing irritations to a minimum. Dermatosis FP Response controls the gastrointestinal tract, maintains normal blood sugar levels, and builds muscle mass.



How do I choose a dog food?

Keep in mind that there is no one brand whose food is best for all dogs. The best food for your four-legged friend will support your pet’s overall health, well-being, and nutritional needs.Dogs need a certain spectrum of nutrients at different times in their lives. The needs of a growing puppy differ from those of an adult dog.

As a dog ages, his activity and metabolic rate decrease. An older dog’s diet should include fewer of the required calories. Ready-to-eat food rations are designed so that the dog gets what he needs for each day.

What should I avoid when choosing dog food?

When selecting a diet for your pet, avoid foods that contain:

  • Butylated hydroanisole or hydroxytoluene (E320) – preservative, provokes allergies, liver and kidney disease;
  • Ethoxyquin – carcinogenic;
  • Potassium chloride (E 508) – interferes with digestion;
  • Sodium monophosphate (E 339) – causes stomach upset;
  • Yeast – allergen;
  • Whey – allergen; lactose is poorly digested by dogs;
  • Fat – does not pass safety tests;
  • Cornmeal – makes digestion difficult;
  • Sucrose carbohydrate – causes stomach upset, increases risk of diabetes if consumed consistently;
  • By-products – no reliable assessment of their safety is made;
  • Starch, grain flour – poorly digestible, often contains toxins, no proper assessment of their composition.

Basic recommendations

Learn how to feed your dog right, and then your pet will always be in good spirits and healthy. So, the rules of feeding and caring for your dog.

  • They should be fed twice a day. In case of illness, if the dog is pregnant, or under the age of twelve months, there may be exceptions to the diet.
  • The portion should be calculated based on the energy needs of the animal, its weight and age.
  • Combining homemade food with ready-to-eat food is highly discouraged.
  • Next to the bowl there should be a saucer with clean water.
  • Initially it is better to buy a small, test food pack to see how your pet reacts.

To decide on your pet’s diet, look for the following:

Protein sources. Good foods contain filet, fresh dehydrated poultry, veal, and fish. Sometimes sub-products like heart and liver may be included. Plant components are also acceptable, but they are less digestible and can cause allergies.

Carbohydrates. The higher the quality of the food, the less likely it is to contain corn and wheat. These grains are acceptable in the human diet, but completely useless for tails. Oatmeal, rice, barley and oats are preferred.

Fiber. Owners of allergic dogs should be careful: not all vegetables, fruits and herbs are equally suitable for animals. Although fiber speeds up the metabolism. And that’s a plus for sedentary pets or overweight dogs.

Oils and polyunsaturated fats. Omega acids are essential in any food, and they affect skin and coat. If your pet suffers from dermatitis and loses a lot of hair, a food with omega acids will remedy the situation.

Vitamins and minerals. Vitamins from groups A, B, C and E, zinc, calcium and potassium, and magnesium are vital for tails.

Antioxidants and preservatives. They can and should be of natural origin. Manufacturers with a good reputation indicate this information on the label.

All composition information should be specific: for example, “dehydrated chicken meat,” not just “chicken” or “animal protein”; “pea protein,” not “vegetable protein.

Advice from vets

Bone, meat and bone meal has no place in a good product. The “animal products” label also says that this food is better left at the store. Only meat: fresh, fillet or dehydrated.

You should know what by-products the pellets are made from. Liver and heart will be good for the dog. Feathers, horns, hooves and bones are unlikely to make a pet stronger and healthier.

Rice, barley, oat and oats are digestible grains. Ideally, they should not exceed 30% of the composition. Wheat and corn are acceptable in very small doses.

Artificial preservatives, flavorings and flavor enhancers – something that should not be in the bowl of the pet unequivocally.

The percentage of mineral impurities should not exceed 10. Ideally, ash content should be 6-8%.

To get an idea of the quality of the food, look at the daily intake rate. The larger the portion, the worse the product is digested and the less pure meat it contains.