Cincinnati Bengals Logo

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Bengals Logo
Although the Cincinnati Bengals logo has been heavily modified more than once, the tiger theme has always been present here.

Meaning and History logo

Cincinnati Bengals Logo history

The team’s earliest logo, which was used for the 1968/69 season only, depicted a Bengal tiger with a ball in its paws. The animal was running so fast that it had lost its helmet.

Evolution of the symbol

Bengals symbol
The cartoonish tiger was replaced by a simple orange helmet with an uppercase word “Bengals” in 1970. In 1981, the lettering disappeared, while the orange helmet was embellished with six black tiger stripes. Over the following decade, the emblem evolved into a 3D view of the helmet with a multi-barred face mask. In 1997, a leaping tiger logo was introduced.

Current emblem

Bengals Emblem
The 2004 modification has proved: a logo does not need a tiger to look “tiger-y”. Although the Bengal disappeared from the emblem, it left its colors for the big, bold letter “B.” The emblem was created by Verlander Design.


Font Bengals Logo
The current Bengals logo includes only one letter, while the wordmark is comprised of the full name of the team. Its highlight is a custom fontinstantly recognizable due to the unusual serifs.


Color Bengals Logo
The team’s official colors are black, orange, and white. The logo is black and orange, while the background is white.
cincinnati bengals logo