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The logo that can be seen at the top left corner of the adult website Beeg can be described as extreme minimalism. There’re just two dark grey shapes: an elongated rectangle and a square. Presumably, the shapes replace the name of the website and the dot that could be seen on the old logo. With this “covered” effect, the Beeg logo implies there’s something forbidden.

Meaning and history

The first thing you see when visit Beeg is the motto — “Quality porn videos”, which by reviews of millions users is a complete truth. Beeg provides excellent quality content, and this porn site is one of the best free adult platforms.
They have a simple design, and you’ll see the latest updates on the home page. The beautiful thumbnails will take your eyes to other dimensions – you scroll and scroll to see a huge number of porn videos.
Beeg is probably one of the most minimalist and clean-looking porn sites, unlike any other. It has few ads, so watching your XXX videos is virtually distraction-free. What’s more, their video player is outstanding.

The biggest difference from other bigtubes is the fact that there are no community features here. Instead, you get a well-structured site where each pay site is presented as a “channel.” For each video, you also see the main porn star with information about how many videos of her are available.

What is Beeg?
Beeg is the name of a very popular website with adult content, which receives millions of visitors from all over the world. Beeg has a huge gallery of high quality videos in different categories, and is considered to be one of the best structured websites in its segment.

Old emblem

Beeg logo

On the previous version, there was the name of the project given in circle-based letters followed by a dot. While each of the letters was unique, the “g” was probably the most characteristic and suggestive of them. On some versions, the lettering “Just porn” was added at the top right corner.

Font and Color

The bold lowercase lettering from the primary Beeg logo is set in a smooth and playful serif font with the heavy characters outlined. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, ITC Photoplay Black, or Cyclo College, with some significant modifications of the characters’ contours.

As for the color palette of the Beeg visual identity, it is based on deep blue gradients, and shiny silver for the outline. This scheme stands for reliability and excellence, and makes the website visitors feel confident and secure.