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The logo of the Bang Bros stands out due to the winged bus symbol. While the bus emblem is pretty unusual and memorable, it’s now less noticeable in comparison with the previous versions of the logo.

Meaning and history

Bang Bros

While the overall look of the old Bang Bros logo was pretty much the same, there were a couple of notable differences. To begin with, the winged bus was sloping leftwards. Also, the letters appeared somewhat wider. It looks like the designer’s aim was to make the current logo a little slimmer than the old one.

Earlier, the project used a utterly different emblem also depicting a winged bus. This time, it was flying high in the night sky, with the moon at the background.

Current symbol

Bang Bros symbol

The winged bus is sandwiched between the words “Bang” in white and grey and “Bros” in orange and yellow. The gradient on the letters adds some depth to the otherwise flat logo.


Bang Bros emblem

The Bang Bros logo features a generic (yet perfectly legible) sans serif type. While in the previous version the “O” and “G” were based on a circle, they now have a more elongated elliptical shape.


Bang Bros logo

Similar to Brazzers, the Bang Bros emblem experiments with yellow and orange in combination with black and white – the palette that could have been inspired by the moonlight on the river or in the night sky.