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The logo of the Bang Bros stands out due to the winged bus symbol. While the bus emblem is pretty unusual and memorable, it’s now less noticeable in comparison with the previous versions of the logo.

Meaning and history

Bang Bros Logo history

2000s – 2004

Bang Bros Logo 2003

In the early 2000s, the platform used a bright yellow and orange gradient that was done on a diagonal, symbolizing energy and movement. The color palette also surely attracted everyone’s attention. The name featured a bold, sans-serif font with the characters being closely spaced, adding to the powerful appearance. The letters have a thin black outline, without which it would blend with the rectangular background. There are no other elements in the logo.

2005 – 2007

Bang Bros Logo 2005

The updated logo still features a bright color palette. However, this time, the characters are a solid yellow but their edge is not uneven. The outline is red with red splotches on the letters themselves. The light gray rectangular background reminded of the previous logo.

2007 – 2008

Bang Bros Logo 2007

The updated logo introduced a new look with the white and red colors being used for the name. The company continued to use bold, uppercase letters for its name to create an impressive image. The upper left corner featured an inscription “World Famous”, which spoke about the popularity of the platform and encouraged new users to check it out.

2008 – 2009

Bang Bros Logo 2008

The new emblem looks a lot more daring with a touch of danger that was achieved by changing the color palette to red, black, and white. The splashes and uneven nature of the whole emblem enhanced this impression. The name was split in half by color and had splashes over the letters as in the previous emblem. It was accompanied by two taglines printed in small white font above and below. The top line said “The World Famous”, while the bottom line had “The most popular adult website”.

2009 – 2010

Bang Bros Logo 2009

This logo also looks like it is more suitable for a shooting game. It is daring and powerful thanks to the color palette choice as well as the bold font choice. The name was now printed in two lines on a diagonal, which added to the dynamic and adventurous nature of the emblem. Although the taglines were removed, the top left corner had “World Famous” printed in uppercase, sans-serif letters of a yellow color that reminded of the original color palette.

2011 – 2012

Bang Bros Logo 2011

A few modifications were introduced a few years after the logo was created. The inscription now featured a bright yellow color with a barely noticeable honeycomb pattern. The background now was much busier and had a woman’s hand and legs among other abstract images.

2012 – 2017

Bang Bros Logo 2012

A flying bus with bat wings was introduced in 2012. It had a white circle that reminded of the moon in the background. The name was printed using a very similar style to the 2008 logo, only in a straight line and in black and white. This logo was surely a completely different spin from all the previous versions. It was the style of the inscription that preserved the recognizable image of the platform.

2017 – Today

Bang Bros Logo 2017

In 2017, the company experimented with a new version. It featured the flying black bus with exaggerated wings on a round, yellow base in the upper left corner with the letter “B” slightly covering the wing of the bat. The name was printed using a similar style of font, but the letters looked taller and thinner. There was no background, but the company added a new tagline – “Where the girls really know how to fuck!”. Both lines had a barely noticeable shadow that made the logo feel more grounded.

2018 – Today

Bang Bros

While the overall look of the old Bang Bros logo was pretty much the same, there were a couple of notable differences. To begin with, the winged bus was sloping leftwards. Also, the letters appeared somewhat wider. It looks like the designer’s aim was to make the current logo a little slimmer than the old one.

Earlier, the project used a utterly different emblem also depicting a winged bus. This time, it was flying high in the night sky, with the moon at the background.

Current symbol

Bang Bros symbol

The winged bus is sandwiched between the words “Bang” in white and grey and “Bros” in orange and yellow. The gradient on the letters adds some depth to the otherwise flat logo.


Bang Bros emblem

The Bang Bros logo features a generic (yet perfectly legible) sans serif type. While in the previous version the “O” and “G” were based on a circle, they now have a more elongated elliptical shape.


Bang Bros logo

Similar to Brazzers, the Bang Bros emblem experiments with yellow and orange in combination with black and white – the palette that could have been inspired by the moonlight on the river or in the night sky.